CAT Chat Minutes

October 10, 2005


Information and Follow-up
Badging – Once details of the badging process is received, Susan Strasser will send out an informational email.

Automated beam steering – if you still wish to participate, contact John Quintana at

Burn Paper – AOD has ordered five rolls of 2” wide GEX paper.  Steve Downey, AOD, will cut up the new burn paper for placement in the stock room.  NAMSA radiation labels are an AMOS Item.  VWR Scientific - Low Dose Labels:  19872-042; Higher Dose Labels: 19872-036. 

Machine Stats
Run 2006-01, currently in 24 bunch top-up.  Run started late due to controls problems, two beam dumps associated with PSS Chain B failures on 6 and 35.  A 24-hour maintenance period will begin tomorrow, 8:00 a.m.

Beamline Data






  0.63 S1/S2 BPM IOC communication problem [CTL]

#  1  10/04 08:37  To  10/08 14:54  102.28 

 S35-ID PSS Trip     [SI]

  1.66 Chain B processor failure, ID taken off line.

#  2  10/08 16:34  To  10/09 16:34   24.01 

 6-ID PSS trip       [SI]

  1.03 Chain B trip, 6-ID taken off-line, refill.

#  3  10/09 17:36  To  10/11 07:59   38.39 

 Int Dump: End of Period 


Rock Road will be closed Tuesday or Wednesday this week. 

New guidelines for transparency recycling have been issued; check the web safety pages at url: <>