CAT Chat Minutes

October 3, 2005


Information and Follow-up
Central Communications – Diagnostics will notify J. Quintana when finished working with BPMs.  As soon as he has been informed, John will send out email.

IT – Ken Sidarowicz, AOD Information Technology, addressed the group on URL filtering and lab policy.  He explained that DOE, FBI, and management identify and control policy on filtering.  If you have having problems, submit a computer “help desk” request and perhaps the URL can be filter-bypassed.  Regarding “cloud spam” notices being received by one user, Ken asked to be emailed directly.

Post Current Run Schedule on Web – The current run as well as the fiscal year schedules will be posted on the web as requested.

Machine Stats
Currently in Run 2006-01; first day of user operations is tomorrow, October 4th with 24-bunch top-up.

Beamline Data
Delivered beam:  1764.66 Hours
Percentage of scheduled time: 98.47 %
Downtime during period: 27.42 Hours
Mean time between faults (MTBF): 88.23 Hours

Edmund Chang reminded group to exchange their TLDs.  The laser safety meeting minutes have been posted to the web and an index of all minutes are located at url:

Badging – Susan Strasser, AOD User Support, explained the new requirements for user and employee badging.  Homeland Security has issued some directives that will take effect October 27, 2005.  New employees and users will have background checks and fingerprinting done.  The background check consists of a six-page questionnaire that will be completed for submittal.  DOE is saying badge processing should be done within five days.  Users coming in after October 27th will have one of two possible badging procedures:  gate pass for duration of experiment, or procedure as above.  If they have a badge, a gate pass can be issued for up to six months. 

When questioned what would happen if the user didn’t get the word and shows up at the gate, Susan answered if a user has a badge, they could enter, if access is “in process” but not ready, guards will call the User office for approval. 

J. Murray Gibson will speak more on he subject at the APS Users Monthly meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, 2005.  Susan will send out an info email as soon as definitive rules are identified.