CAT Chat Minutes

August 22, 2005


Information and Follow-up
Still looking for volunteers for automated beam steering contact John Quintana.

Green Detex Burn Paper is no longer available, currently looking for options. Additional new paper samples were distributed to group in attendance.

Next week's meeting will be the last CAT-Chat until September 26th.

TWG meeting will be held Thursday, August 25, 2005.

Please direct feedback regarding 324 vs. 1296 mode to John Quintana,

Machine Stats
Delivered Beam: 1676.58 hrs.
Percentage of Scheduled Time: 98.39%
Downtime during Period: 27.43 hrs.
Mean Time between Faults (MTBF): 83.83 hrs.

We are currently in 24 bunch top-up mode and will continue to be until end of the run. There have been two trips since last CAT Chat due to a power supply failure.

Beamline Data




# 30 08/16 08:00 To 08/18 15:25 55.43

S23B:Q5 trip [PS]

1.70 Quad power supply was swapped, refill

# 31 08/18 17:08 To 08/19 16:54 23.78

S11B:Q2 PS trip [PS]

1.28 Quad power supply swapped, refill

# 32 08/19 18:11 To 08/22 08:05 61.89

Fill Ongoing


Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS & CAT Groups, 08/15/2005 to 08/22/2005:   No downtime reported

Electrical Work Reminder
* Switchgear Work (SG-X8): Sectors 28, 29, 30, and 31 will have no power for three days starting 6:00 a.m. on 8/29/05
* Emergency Power Work: Sectors 28 THROUGH 35 will have no emergency power starting 6:00 a.m. on 9/1/05 for one day
* Power can be run to the sectors via extension cords from the top of the Storage Ring tunnel

Safety No report

Machine Fault Notification
•  Pagers have been ordered; waiting for delivery.
•  Prototype pager has been programmed
•  IT is testing their installation of new list server software (mailman)

Essential Sector Communications
•  List has been compiled.