CAT Chat Minutes

August 15, 2005


Information and Follow-up
Liability - Users and staff discussed need to call the floor coordinator and/or emergency response.

John Quintana answered that liability is a legal term and the Institutional User Agreements address such issues.

Still looking for volunteers for automated x-ray beam steering tests. John will talk more about these tests at the 8/18/2005 TWG meeting.

Green Detex Burn Paper is no longer available. Stockroom has run out of the papers and the vendor cannot supply more.  John passed out samples of paper (see specs below) as we continue looking for options.

Machine Stats
Delivered beam: 1529.73 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time: 98.56%
Downtime during period: 22.27 hrs.
Mean time between faults (MTBF): 89.98 hrs.

Currently in 24-bunch top-up which continues until end of run. There were two trips: first trip was a failed love controller; second to a water flow trip.  Machine studies begin 4 p.m. tonight until 8:00 a.m.


Beamline Data



Length of Downtime

# 27 08/09 08:00 To 08/11 21:43 61.71

S15 EPS Trip [SI]

4.24 Love Controller was replaced, beam restored.

# 28 08/12 01:57 To 08/15 08:04 78.12

Fill Ongoing



E. Chang asked that users contact him to arrange for hepa vacs (used for lead) to be picked up for certification. Buildings 434 and 435 inspections are finished. Lock out Tag out safety audits are being conducted.


Electrical Work
Switchgear Work (SG-X8):  Sectors 28,29,30, and 31 will have no power for three days starting 6:00 a.m. on 8/29/05.

Emergency Power Work:  Sectors 28 through 35 will have no emergency power starting 6:00 a.m. on 9/1/05 for one day.

Power can be run to the sectors via extension cords from the top of the storage ring tunnel