CAT Chat Minutes

August 1, 2005


General Information & Follow-up
User noted problems obtaining Argonne Guest House reservations. Experimenters requested room reservations two weeks in advance of experiment start. They were asked to fax the Guest House information, which was done, nothing was heard for one week. After a week, they were notified that there was no room available for the Users. Why did it take so long? What can be done to clear up more reservations for incoming experimenters?

John Quintana will look into these complaints.

Machine Stats
Delivered beam: 1261.91 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time: 98.59 %
Downtime during period: 18.02 hrs.
Mean time between faults (MTBF): 78.87 hrs.

Beamline Data
Beamline Downtime:   We are currently in a machine studies period. There was one fault on the 28 th due to unknown beam motion.

E. Chang announced August inspections of buildings 434 and 435 will commence Wednesday morning, August 3rd .

Machine shop training began field testing and was fairly received by shop coordinators.

Beginning work on Office of Assessment findings - machine shop issues.

Laser on-the-job training module for operators of Class 3B and 4 laser alignments.

There was some heavy liquid nitrogen usage over the weekend.

Regarding parking lot for building 436, Road F (section of road connecting to Kearney Road ) will be reopened to alleviate traffic. Road will re-open when the CNM is finished with construction. Occupancy is expected to take place some time in February or March, 2006.