CAT Chat Minutes

July 25, 2005


Machine Stats
Delivered beam:  1102.50 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:  98.44%
Downtime during period: 17.52 hrs.
Mean time between faults (MTBF):  73.50 hrs.

Currently in run 2005-02 – in 24-bunch top-up with one fault since the last CAT Chat (unknown beam).  


Beamline Data
Beamline Downtime:

# 22 07/20 08:00 To 07/22 00:33 40.56 Unknown Beam Motion [?] 0.31 Under investigation
# 23 07/22 00:52 To 07/25 08:04 79.20 Fill Ongoing 0.00

Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS Groups, 07/18/2005 to 07/25/2005:













1 hr 40 min


Beam stop in the 13ID-C station would not indicate open on the PSS panel to allow beam into the D station.

ASD-SI adjusted the MBS-D kirk lock on the 13ID-C PSS panel to make the proper contact indicating that the moveable beam stop was open. Further adjustments will be scheduled for the upcoming shutdown.

APS FY 2005 Long Range Operations Schedule with Changes:

The Long Range Operations schedule (below) has been approved and posted to the web:  

E. Change announced that the ASD-ESH Coordinator reports messy conditions on top of hutches. Patricia Fernandez is developing and field testing course contents for the machine shop qualifications training. Health Physics Technicians have asked to keep areas clear around area dosimetry (plastic bags). The APS Laser Safety Committee will meet soon to further develop on the job training (OJT) for class 3 and 4 laser alignments. August 2005 inspections are for Buildings 434 and 435.

The third stop sign is being installed near 432 truck lock.  

Studies on Automated X-ray Beam Steering J. Quintana:   In conjunction with S34 (W-J Liu), ion chamber signal was transmitted through the EPICS Gateway to the control room. Monochromator was left fixed at 11 keV, no motions on beamline were performed. ID Gap and X and Y steering were optimized using sddsoptimize in a three variable simplex by OAG.  

Studies Optimization on 34 ID at 11 keV (Trial 1) J Quintana:  Optimizer turned on, in five minutes orbit and undulator were controlled.

Plots Courtesy of Michael Borland, OAG 


Studies Optimization on 34 ID at 11 keV (Trial 2):  Repeated trial again, this time it took ten minutes. We would like to try this on other beamlines; contact John Quintana if you are interested (


Plots Courtesy of Michael Borland, OAG