CAT Chat Minutes

July 11, 2005


Information & Follow-up
An additional stop sign will be installed by 432 truck lock.   This will create a 3-way stop which will help to prevent traffic mishaps.

ComEd will be working on one of the main power lines to the laboratory on Wednesday, July 13th.

Machine Stats
   Delivered beam:   832.15 hrs.
   Percentage of scheduled time:   98.13%
   Downtime during period:   15.88 hrs.
   Mean time between faults:   83.22 hrs.

APS FY2005 Long Range Operations Schedule with Changes to 2005-2:

long range operations schedule

We are currently in 324-bunch mode - down at 4:00 p.m. today until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday at which time we will return to 24-bunch top-up.

Machine Faults:

# 14   07/06 08:01   To   07/10 01:03    89.04     SR-RF4                [RF]   0.37 SR-RF4 gap voltage drop out, reset, refill.
# 15   07/10 01:25   To   07/11 05:59    28.57     S21A:S4 Trip         [PS]   0.92 S21A:S4 trip, swapped out supply, refill.
# 16   07/11 06:54   To   07/11 08:04     1.16     Fill Ongoing                 0.00  

Beamline Data
Downtime Summary by APS groups, 07/04-11/2005, revealed no reported downtime.

E. Chang reports DOE-HQ is conducting a special review on electrical safety.   The team is interested in energized electrical work and implementation of NFPA-70E at ANL.  

A plan is being drafted to address the DOE-OA audit findings and observations.  

There will be no July safety inspections involving the User Community.

International Shipments/Export - B. Glagola:   Bruce reminded the group that FedEx or UPS international shipments must go through ANL Receiving, Building 46.   Make sure the proper export paperwork is attached.   The issue of international shipment deficiencies is lab-wide.   If there is a problem with the intended shipment, it is seized by customs where it remains until the fine is paid.  

For guidance on shipments, please refer to link:

Stock Shortage B. Wesolowski :   Stocks are currently low in liquid nitrogen but we expect a delivery later this evening.   There is an ANL-wide delay in shipments.  

Sector 24 PSS System Integrity Compromised J. Quintana:   On the evening of June 27, 2005, 24ID experienced intermittent faults on their beamline shutter.  The floor coordinator was called and arrangements were made for Systems Interlocks to repair the shutter during the eight hour 12:00-8:00 shutdown period.   S24 staff said they could run until midnight.

While arrangements were being made, SI Group leader wondered how S24 could continue operations with a faulty shutter.   FC asked beamline staff and was told that they had fixed the problem (S24 staff tightened a loose limit actuator lock nut).   SI Group leader and FC started reporting chain to upper management.  Beamline operated outside of its control envelope until midnight.

Beamline was ordered shut down and only re-enabled after an investigation and only return to operations to after an assurance from S24 staff that they would not violate the sanctity of critically controlled systems. 

What went wrong?

•  Sector 24 staff attempted to repair a PSS item outside of the Configuration Control Work Permit process.  

•  APS did not immediately shut down the beamline pending an investigation.

•  The default state of a beamline is DOWN and not UP.