CAT Chat Minutes

June 27, 2005


Machine Stats
Delivered beam: 556.06 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time: 97.89%
Downtime during period: 12.00 hrs.
Mean time between faults: 79.44 hrs.

Beamline Data
Beamline Downtime:  Summary by APS Groups, 06/20-27/2005 showed no reported downtime.

We are currently in 24-bunch top-up mode. Fill pattern will change to 324 singlet on July 6 th . A startup delay for one hour occurred this week due to software reconfiguration. There was one fault Love controller replaced.

J. Quintana and E. Chang reported that Office of Science will conduct an audit of Argonne National Laboratory's electrical safety, beginning July 11th.  We do not know where they will be, but expect them to be walking around the ring.

There will not be any July CAT inspections.

The Machine Shop Safety course is being developed through Joliet Junior College . E. Chang will inform us when there are more details.

Remember there will be no fireworks allowed on-site. Have a safe 4th!

Electrical Safety Memo sent by Don Joyce, OTD, regardng training requirements changes:

June 15, 2005

TO: Division Directors/Department Heads
FROM: Donald Joyce
SUBJECT: Changes in Training Requirements & Hot Work Permits

Attached are "Training Requirements for Typical Electrical Work", which supersede the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC) Guidance document, dated January 27, 2005. Also attached is the "Electrical Safety Training Matrix" a new document meant to complement the Training Requirements for Typical Electrical Work document.

Changes in Training Requirements

A new electrical safety training plan and training matrix has been developed. The matrix includes new questions for the Job Hazard Questionnaire (JHQ) and the necessary course/question relationships for the Training Management System. Further review of existing JHQ questions will be completed by the ESC, and those revisions will be part of a September 1, 2005, implementation of the new training plan.

To comply with the new training plan, two new web-based courses will be developed - ESH377 Electrical Safety Awareness Training and ESH376 Electrical Safety Training for R&D. Both courses will be designed, developed and posted on the web by September 1, 2005. Completion of the Electrical Safety Awareness Training (ESH377) will be required of all ANL employees and facility users. It will be a brief web-based course. Electrical Safety Training for R&D (ESH376) will be a web-based course covering materials that would typically be covered in a half-day course. ESH376 will be designed to meet the NFPA-70E training requirements for technical and scientific electrical work on low energy systems that pose a shock hazard but not an arc-flash hazard.

Because the JHQ will have significant revisions requiring review by the entire Argonne population, implementation of the new electrical safety training plan will occur in September to coincide with the annual Performance Appraisal process when all JHQs are reviewed.

Hot Work

The ANL ESC is in the process of preparing for a DOE audit of Hot Work Permits. The audit is scheduled for July of this year. Significant opportunities forimprovement have been identified as a result of joint reviews of policies and procedures by staff of Fermilab and ANL. The ANL ESC will soon be interfacing with all divisions to coordinate our efforts and response.

Over the last 6 months, approximately 600 ANL employees have received NFPA-70E training. Based on this accomplishment, the ESC is formally rescinding its involvement in division hot work process. The approval of Hot Work Permits is the responsibility of division directors or their designees.

Lastly, you are encouraged to invite the ESC to tour your work sites to discuss any matters related to electrical safety or the interpretation and improvement of issued documents. Please call Joe Zurad, ESC Chairman, at 2-6542 to make arrangements.


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J. Alicz reported the two incidents that occurred this week at APS:

1. On 06/21/2005 at approximately 7:30 pm, an XFD Postdoc received a puncture wound to his right hand in the area between the thumb and forefinger as he began to place his hand on the arm of a diffractometer in 1-BM-C. His hand contacted a capillary tube (< 100 microns in size) containing non-toxic cerium oxide. Emergency 911 was called and he was immediately transported to LaGrange hospital for medical evaluation. Jeff is currently in the process of performing an accident investigation with regards to this incident.

2. On 06/23/2005 at approximately 10:30 a.m., a Chemistry Division employee was checking a cable connection inside an equipment rack owned by CHM at the upstream side of 7-ID-C. As she proceeded to check the connection, the nail of her pinky finger entered the opening of a fan housing and was struck be a fan blade. Emergency 911 was called and she was immediately transported to LaGrange hospital for medical evaluation. Nancy VanWermeskerken (CHM ES&H Coordinator) was contacted and initiated an accident investigation. Jeff Alicz assisted in the investigation and requested a copy of the CHM incident analysis report for our files. 

There will be no meeting next week due to the July 4th holiday.