CAT Chat Minutes

June 20, 2005


Machine Stats
We are in Run 2005-02, 24 hour shutdown, two dumps have occurred, and will start 24 bunch top-up mode June 21st.

Delivered beam:   412.99 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   97.41%
Downtime during period:   10.99 hrs.
Mean time between faults:   51.62 hrs.


Long Range Operations Schedule



Results of the Office of Assesment audit found lead in LOM machine shops when they are not supposed to be there.   We will need to revise our lead training.  

User remarked he is under the impression it has always been allowed in the past if the special protocols are met.   Patricia Fernandez, AOD, agreed.

Essential Sector Specific Communications
John Quintana presented the following proposed topics that require specific communications

  • BPMs
  • Any work involving BPMs or FE work
  • Insertion devices
  • Hardware, movement, software changes
  • Computer network maintenance/interruptions
  • Facility services systems failures
  • Power interruptions
  • Interruptions in LN2 system
  • Air and water systems interruptions

User suggested that safety be placed on the list of topics.   J. Quintana said only those items leading to beamline downtime are practical in this situation.  Now that topics are identified, we will look within the APS for solutions.   Until all phone modifications are complete, after July 1st , no immediate pager requests can be fulfilled.

Machine Fault Notification J. Quintana
Next Update at type messages are not always useful

  • Next Update at has the expectation that Users are waiting around for beam to come back.    (OK for up to 1 or 1 ½ hr).
  • APS is looking at changing notification strategy to help eliminate waiting around.

Notification System Concept J. Quintana

  • Implement communication systems that Users can add/delete themselves at will
  • Install modern list serve software on APS WWW Server.   There is already a home grown system that is administered through the FC's, but right now, it requires FC
  • Leverage existing paging communication information systems that already exist.
  • APS already provides storage ring status messages and ring current over the local paging systems.
  • Connect List Serve system to Paging System
  • Provide Enough Loaner Communications Devices to provide to Experimenters
  • Loan out a cloned APS Status Pager.   Operator Messages and Ring Current to appear in mailbox.   Alert messages (e.g. Beam is being injected would appear in an alert system).
  • Intent is to purchase the pagers preprogrammed from vendor.  
  • Programming can be added to a beamline specific local pager if a beamline has them.
  • Interface with Guest House - Unfortunately, Guest House isn't equipped to distribute pagers.   Experimenters will need to get them from APS before going to Guest House.

Security J. Quintana
On June 19, 2005, an APS User in a van was stopped at the gate and vehicle was selected for a random search.   Guard found a woman under a blanket in the back of the van.  User apparently thought it would be easier sneaking' her in rather than get a gate pass.  User has currently been barred from site.   User attempted access again this morning and was refused entry to the Lab.