CAT Chat Minutes

April 25, 2005


Announcements and Follow-up
We heard no CAT Chat meeting announcement today can someone make sure the meeting announcements are made to users in the ring?

We will look into why announcements haven't been made we have a standing order' for the control room to make weekly Monday announcements unless the meeting is to be canceled.

The notification concerning Saturday's workshop was not very effective.   Can APS look into the CAT-net email list and notify its owner to update?  

We are using a different automatic email program for these types of notifications.   We'll check to see how the notice was mailed and to whom.

Can someone check into painting of the median strip at LOM 431?

We will let the appropriate department know of this need.

Machine Stats
Delivered Beam:   1616.58 Hours
Percentage of Scheduled Time:   98.64%
Downtime During Period:   22.35 Hours
Mean Time Between Faults (MTBF):   107.77 Hours

Machine Faults:




# 26   04/12 08:00   To   04/14 12:36    52.60  

  7-BM EPS Trip        [ME]

  0.52 Low flow fault on BPM1, reset, refill.

# 27   04/14 13:07   To   04/20 23:59   154.88  

  Int Dump: End of Period  


Beamline Data
No reported beamtime downtime by APS groups, 04/18-25/2005 to 04/25/2005

Long Range Operations Schedule:   John Quintana announced that the FY06 first run is now on the web and the updated FY05 schedule will be posted immediately following this meeting.  

No safety reps. were present to make a report, but the Office of Assessment is here at the APS today and touring the ring.