CAT Chat Minutes

April 18, 2005


Machine Stats
Delivered beam:   1553.67 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   98.58%
Downtime during period:   22.35 hrs.
Mean time between faults (MTBF):   103.58 hrs.

Beamline Data
Beamline Downtime:




# 26   04/12 08:00   To   04/14 12:36    52.60  

  7-BM EPS Trip        [ME]

  0.52 Low flow fault on BPM1, reset, refill.

# 27   04/14 13:07   To   04/18 09:05    91.96  

  Fill Ongoing             


Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS Groups, 04/11/2005 to 04/18/2005:  No reported downtime for this period.

FY 2006 Schedule Highlights - J. Quintana:   John projected a draft long range operations schedule for October-January, 2006.   Highlights:

  • 24- or 48-hour periods (studies/training/maintenance periods (except Thanksgiving)
  • Startup on Tuesday to allow beamline staff another day debugging before weekend
  • Run ends before holiday break

There was much discussion on the proposed adjustment to the upcoming schedule with positive comments such as:   good,   consistent,   liked having some predictability to scheduling, etc.   Requesting feedback [looking at increasing current in single bunch during hybrid mode (June 7-20, 2005].   One minute top-up.   Email your comments to John Quintana,

Looking at converting one of the two later non-top-up intervals to top-up.

E. Change reports OA Auditors will be here (escorted by APS safety personnel) to check during normal ongoing operations.   They will be here at the APS next week (4/25- 5/06/2005).   Remember to keep your areas looking clean.

Toxic inventory reporting is due to the laboratory by May 6th .

Inspection of 436 is completed, 438 will be done tomorrow.   Reminder to slow down bikes and traffic.

Other Items
Maintenance B. Wesolowski :   Routine maintenance on doors (all doors) will be scheduled by floor coordinators.   Lisa Gades will coordinate effort and lists of doors to be serviced.   We will work with contractor so not to have any downtime of Tecknit (contractor).   See Bill's email which was sent out on Info-net:

Routine Maintenance of Experimental Enclosure Doors  

AOD management was advised of problems related to experimental enclosure door problems due to the lack of routine maintenance (i.e., cleaning and lubricating) of these doors and is considering whether to provide such a service.   Presently, enclosure door maintenance is the responsibility of the beamlines.   This is done by arranging for the service provided by Tecknit through the Floor Coordinators.  

The following is put forth for comment and questions:

  • AOD would contract Tecknit to perform routine maintenance of enclosure doors.  
  • All doors would be serviced once annually.
  • Door maintenance would be done during the three scheduled accelerator maintenance periods.
  • Floor Coordinators would schedule and track the servicing, insuring that beamlines are contacted, work requests and configuration controlled work permits are complete and, conflicts are resolved prior to door maintenance.  

NOTE:   if any adjustments or part replacements are found necessary, a separate service request would be put in place and the cost would be the responsibility of the beamline.

If AOD management does put this in place, again it would be the beam line's option to accept or reject this service as has been done in the past with other AOD provided services (i.e., chain falls inspections, sling inspections, etc.)

Comments and questions can be addressed to Bill Wesolowski at , phone 2-9496, or page 4-9496.

Door maintenance will consist of vacuuming troughs, wiping clean pneumatic cylinder slides, wiping clean Thompson rail, lubricating Thompson rail, lubricating Thompson bearings, inspecting top latch, inspecting bottom latch, inspecting tungsten door brackets, inspecting door handles, inspecting door hangers, inspecting door stops, inspecting stainless floor troughs, inspecting pneumatic lines, inspecting connections to PSS switches for frayed or cut wires, checking air line pressure, and inspecting PSS connections in pneumatic control box for cut or frayed wires. Any unusual noise, dragging, loose, misaligned, or non-operating components will be noted on the door Maintenance Schedule and recommendations for repair and/or replacement parts will be made.