CAT Chat Minutes

March 14, 2005


Announcements and Follow-up
Regarding MCR messages following power outages:   Greg Banks is looking into options for providing estimates for when will the beam be up following a power event.

Machine Stats
Delivered beam:   858.57 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   98.47 %
Downtime during period:   13.38 hrs.
Mean time between faults:   107.32 hrs.



Length of Downtime

# 14   03/08 08:00   To   03/14 08:00   143.99  

  Int Dump: End of Period  


Beamline Data
Summary by APS groups for period March 04-11, 2005













4 hr 8 min


PSS to replace chain A PLC processor and validate chain A at 33-BM. Work to begin @12:00. See Work Request #17093.

ASD-SI has replaced the Chain A PLC and performed the validation. Beamline has been restored to operations. Repairs completed during Machine Studies period.

P. Fernandez showed the newest long range operations schedule.   This schedule has been posted to the web.

A small electrical resistance furnace used in UNICAT was the source of an incident on Thursday, March 10.   The operator lifted the lid and some of the insulating quartz wool was accidentally lifted, exposing one of the terminals.   A copper wire attached to the furnace lid then fell and shorted, tripping the current breaker.   The Electrical Safety Committee reviewed the incident and stated that it was not due to human error.  

Bruce Glagola showed viewgraphs of ESAF screen capture.   He pointed out that the Description page should be used to describe equipment, particularly equipment new to the APS.  Review your ESAF to make sure your people fill in as much information as possible.   User said that the line “new to APS” may not capture the equipment that is not new to the APS but has been extensively modified since the last time that it was used here.   Bruce Glagola agreed with user that the wording is not the best and will consider new wording.  

Bruce will be contacting beamlines about updating safety plans.   The update plans will be due by April 4, 2005.   If you have anything to include, send comments to him.

Bruce will be on vacation March 25-April 4th, if you have safety questions contact Jeff Alicz and Elroy Chang.

Elroy Chang and Jeff Alicz will be doing 434 and 435 facility inspections.  

DOE Office of Assessment:   Twenty auditors will be coming to ANL and will visit the APS – Edmund Chang and Jeff Alicz will conduct walk-through to check conditions on the floor, please do your housekeeping.   If you need assistance contact the floor coordinators.