CAT Chat Minutes

March 7, 2005


Announcements and Follow-up
Additional Mail Stops:   The following email reports results of discussions with PFS:

From: Steve Downey
We are happy to announce that we have been successful in our continued discussions with PFS to add additional mail stops to the ring. Each LOM will be assigned a designated mail stop near the entrance of its C pentagon. We are in the process of obtaining appropriate tables with " pigeon holes" that will separate mail for each sector. Further information regarding the start date will be provided when we are informed by PFS.

Auto messages –When there is a power outage, can the automatic messages state whether APS expects the outage to last >6 hours?   In this way, the user could decide if there was time to go off-site and then return to continue experiment.  

Kevin Randall said that this could be a “Catch 22” and if the error was corrected quicker than the auto message stated, they could run into problems with the beam not being used because of the estimated time.

Machine Stats
Listing of statistics for run 1-2005

Delivered beam:   711.65 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   98.15%
Downtime during period:   13.38 hrs.
Mean time between faults:   88.96 hrs.



Length of Downtime

# 12   03/02 08:00   To   03/07 11:32   123.53  

Human Error S2/3 raw supply trip due to human error, refill                 [PS]  


# 13   03/07 12:02   To   03/07 13:04     1.04  

Fill Ongoing             


Beamline Data - No reported data

Patricia Fernandez explained that the User Shop safety coordinators will meet and discuss issues of safety, good work practices, group cognizance of policies, etc.   An email will be sent out to Shop safety coordinators this week.  

Cyber security:   Office of Assessment has been conducting web scans of computers in the APS.   Ken Sidarowicz stated that these scans will be ongoing and announcements have been sent out advising computer users.