CAT Chat Minutes

January 31, 2005


Information and Follow-up
User observed bikes blocking doorways.   There is not enough room for bike storage which has been a long-time problem.  

We will look into relocating some cabinets to accommodate the bike parking.

User is having problems with mail delivery to sectors.   What are other users doing?

Kevin Randall will speak with Steve Downey, APS, regarding an improved system.   During this time, Elroy Chang asks the group to keep their spent batteries in the green envelopes provided.   The Laboratory is working out a plan to continue recycling.  

Machine Stats
Delivered beam:   3.08 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   100%
Downtime during period:   0 hrs.
Mean time between faults:   3.08 hrs.

Faults:   No faults reported.

Beamline Data
Beamline Downtime by APS Groups:  No downtime

Long Range Operations Schedule:   The current official long range schedule is now posted to the Web.
There were some problems with the previously posted schedule but now all is in order.

Sector 21 inspection has not been completed.   A team from the Office of Independent Oversight Evaluation will be visiting:   February 23-24, scoping visit; April 11-15 planning; and April 25- May 6 inspections.

The Laser Safety committee is working with Medical to put together an eye exam database.

There was a meeting on Wednesday, January 26 th in the 402 auditorium that explained the electrical work stand-down.   Attendance was required by all APS employees and APS resident users.   A video presentation was played on 1:30 p.m., January 27 th, for those that missed the Wednesday presentation.   There will be an opportunity for anyone who was unavailable during ----those dates to obtain a DVD or CD from E. Chang.


Kevin Randall’s presentation can be found on the Web:

Viewgraph 3 - Technical update 31 - Machine intervention policy

Viewgraph 4 - Machine intervention email