CAT Chat Minutes

December 13, 2004


Information and Follow-up
User would like to see one page for user links that would show the detector pool numbers.   It is difficult to know where to go on the new website to get the information needed if one does not know the complexities of the organizational structure of the APS.

Chris Klaus, APS webmaster, will be checking into possible modifications to the web pages.

General Information
Machine Stats – R. Klaffky:
            Delivered beam:   1365 hrs.
            Percentage of scheduled time:   98.61%
            Downtime during period:   19.17 hrs.
            Mean time between faults:   113.71 hrs.

Machine Faults:

# 22   12/08 08:00   To   12/11 22:20    86.34  

 S39A:S2 Fault        [PS]

  1.20 Power supply swapped, refill, and resume top-up.

# 23   12/11 23:32   To   12/13 08:05    32.55  

 Fill Ongoing             


Beamline Downtime:   Summary by APS Groups for period 12/03-13/2004













1 day 5 hr 45 min


Beamline personnel suspect a leak in the P7-20 shutter located at the downstream end of the A station.


Electrical Safety Training – J. Carwardine:   A draft safety notice on NFPA-70E and electrical safety was presented by John and discussed. Several people raised concerns about its implications, especially concerning operating circuit breakers in emergency situations. Carwardine agreed to review these before formally sending out the safety notice.

Safety – E.Chang:   Buildings 431 and 432 were inspected.   Sectors 8-9, 11-12 inspections are being scheduled.   The attendees of the Laser Safety meeting approved the draft charger and nominations for committee.   This information is pending approval from the ALD.

Remember if you have anything that must be shipped out, please do so before December 22 nd.   Bruce Glagola will send out a cat-net message with the reminder.