CAT Chat Minutes

November 8, 2004


Information and Follow-up
BioCAT user said that one of its staff received a ticket for parking on gravel by the building.   Can APS schedule re-striping of the parking areas?

We will have E. Chang photograph the area in question and submit these photos to the appropriate personnel.

General Information
Machine Stats K. Randall: Listing of Statistics for Run3-2004

  Delivered beam:  686.23 hrs.
   Percentage of scheduled time:  97.85%
   Downtime during period: 15.05 hrs.
   Mean time between faults (MTBF):  98.03 hrs.


# 11   11/03 08:00   To   11/08 08:34   120.57   9-ID EPS Trip [ME] 1.13 9-ID flow problem, refill, resume top-up.
# 12   11/08 09:41   To   11/08 12:04     2.38   Fill Ongoing 0.00  

Beamline Downtime by APS Groups:   No downtime reported

Safety B. Glagola:  The BSL-3 activity ( see viewgraphs ) is coming up this week (November 12-14, 2004).   We will be having a de-con exercise which will be overseen by BioQuell and ANL EQO/IH.   If there were an actual peroxide leak, the control room personnel will make an announcement over the public address system.   The exercise starts at 9:00 a.m., Monday, November 15 th and lasts for several hours.

When asked what is being brought in, Reinhard Pahl replied that it was a bio-safety level 3 substance. The actual agent is listed on the completed ESAF.   User asked if there was a ANL safety plan in place and if a real emergency situation were to occur, could BioQuell be able to handle the entire BioCARS enclosure.   The response is yes, they definitely could handle in the BioCARS facility.   The procedures are written for various different types of potential failures, with multiple layers of protection against accidental release.   Reinhard explained that it has taken two years for approval of this experiment.

Battery Recycling:   E. Chang explained that you should keep your expired batteries until the lab arranges for pick up.   This pause in service is due to the ANL post office closing and reworking of the mail system.  

Laser Safety:   A laser safety committee is being formed.   Elroy will keep us informed on its establishment.