CAT Chat Minutes

November 1, 2004

Information and Follow-up  – In addition to user message page on monitors, e-mails messages go out to users who have signed up on this listserve when there are prolonged outages.   Both the monitor and e-mail message will contain a best guess as to minimum recovery time, which will allow users to take a break.   The e-mail messages may be more detailed because there is no line limitation on message length.

Long Range Operations Schedule – The links have been corrected and now reflect the current schedule. Chris Klaus, APS Webmaster, has now displayed the current schedule under “current schedule” of the APS webpage and an .xls file is also posted which users can download..

Guest House – According to present policy, approximately 30% of the Guest House rooms are kept open for Users.   The average occupancy at the Guest House is 50%.   If reserving during a scheduled conference, one may find no empty rooms available.   Users not able to obtain reservations are put on a waiting list and should check a week before to see if there have been any cancellations.  

More than one user can be logged into the same GUP.   User pointed out that two can be logged into the same GUP.   As one completes and saves their work, all changes the second user has entered will be discarded.  

We can request the AOD Information Systems (IS) staff, led by Steve Leatherman, adjust safeguards to this system.   Send your GUP concerns to or  

Why doesn’t the FAVOR program “talk” to the APS visitor database?   Answering similar questions from two different databases can be improved upon by allowing the APS visitor database be fed to the ANL FAVOR visitor database.  

Roger will talk to Susan Strasser to see if the information could be entered only once into a database.

General Information
Machine Stats – R. Klaffky:
            Delivered beam:   563 hrs.
            Percentage of scheduled time:   97.59%
            Downtime during period:   13.92 hrs.
            Mean time between faults:   93.88 hrs.


#   6   10/26 16:00   To   10/28 02:13    34.22  

 S1B:V4 trip          [PS]

  6.64 3.45 PS group, 1.97 Diag, 1.22 Ops, resume top-up

#   7   10/28 08:51   To   10/28 17:10     8.32  

 Bunch Purity        [OPS]

  0.38 Beam dumped to improve bunch purity, refill.

#   8   10/28 17:33   To   10/29 09:53    16.34  

 S23C: BM Dac Loss     [PS]

  1.70 .5 PS Group, 1.2 RF Group. refill, resume top-up.

#   9   10/29 11:35   To   10/30 00:23    12.80  

 SR-RF3 Trip          [RF]

  0.43 SR-RF3 Trip, reset, refill, resume top-up.

# 10   10/30 00:48   To   11/01 07:59    56.18  

 Int Dump: End of Period  


Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS Groups, 10/22/2004 to 10/29/2004:  













12 hr 37 min


PS1 not responsive to open commands. Control voltage measured and verified by ASD-SI up to the point where the cable just enters the storage ring. Source of the problem is thought to be a solenoid for PS1.

Solenoid replaced, shutter tested and verified to ensure proper operations. FE configuration verified prior to closing the Storage Ring ratchet door.





4 hr 30 min


Beamline received a DIW fault and a Serious Fault #67 PS2_NO_SWITCH-S.

ASD-SI replaced faulty Love controller.

Safety:  Roger reported from the workshop he attended in California this past week.   Also in attendance were Bruce Glagola and Mohan Ramanathan with safety people from several national laboratories gathering to discuss safety issues at their respective labs.  SSRL continues to be shut down while they proceed with staff electrical safety courses.   We at APS are continuing electrical safety education.   Contact Greg Markovich for further information on upcoming courses being scheduled for the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of November.   See your TMS representative for enrollment.