CAT Chat Minutes

August 23, 2004


Information and Follow-up
User announced theft has occurred in the experiment hall again.   A laptop, that had been secured with cable lock, was stolen and cable cut.   The user reported that DuPage County law enforcement was contacted.   User asked what APS and ANL Security could do to make sure equipment and personal possessions are safe.  

R. Hislop, AOD Safety, will investigate and recommend a course of action at the next CAT chat meeting.

Will there be a shut down of the chilled water system when auguring work begins below the storage ring early in September?

This should not affect the chilled water system.  Later in September, when the new lines are tied into the existing manholes inside the storage ring, we will be requesting users not to use lab and sanitary sewer lines in predetermined areas and on specified dates.  

General Information
Machine stats
Delivered beam:   1824 hrs.
   Percentage of scheduled time:   98.39%
   Downtime during period:   29.76 hrs.
   Mean time between faults:   60.79 hrs.



# 49   08/18 08:01   To   08/19 04:07    20.10  

  Power Sag         [ ComEd ]

  3.87 87% power sag .50, UPS failure 3.37 AOD-IT

# 50   08/19 07:59   To   08/19 13:44     5.75  

  S4 MPS Trip          [ME]

  0.78 H20 pump SRVC-04A component failure, switched pump.

# 51   08/19 14:31   To   08/23 08:05    89.56  

  Fill Ongoing             


Beamline Downtime Summary for APS Groups, 8/16-23 /2004:













1 hr 5 min


FIV/BIV could not be reset because IP-5 and IP-6 were in alarm.

The IP controller was power-cycled and has been restored to function. FEEPS has been reset.

Long Range Operations Schedule R. Klaffky:   After working with machine people, users, and others we have concluded that we cannot institute a totally regular pattern. The schedule will be posted to the web this week, email will be sent on cat-net and info.