CAT Chat Minutes

August 2, 2004


General Information
Machine Stats
            Delivered beam:   1392 hrs.
            Percentage of scheduled time:   98.31%
            Downtime during period:   23.94 hrs.
            Meantime between faults (MTBF):   51.54 hrs.


#42   07/27 08:00 to 07/27 16:41   8.68

12ID EPS trip (SI)

0.88 EPS reset -.30 mins . (SI), 4ID gap 23 mins . (CTL)

#43   07/27 17:34 to 07/27 22:52   5.30

12ID EPS trip (SI)

1.68 love controller failed, refill, resume top-up

#44   07/28 00:32 to 08/02 07:59   127.45

Int dump:   end of period


The problem on 16-ID was likely caused by wiring.   Mohan Ramanathan has additional information but investigation is not yet complete.

The Emergency Access Policy for insertion devices or front-end faults follows:

If an ID and/or front-end fault prevent a beamline from conducting normal operations, but has no operational impact on the storage ring or presents no safety implications to the facility or personnel, any access to the ring to diagnose and repair the fault will be made under the following conditions:

  If there is a machine intervention period planned within 48 hours of the time the fault occurs, then the repair will occur during the machine intervention period.

  If there is not a machine intervention period within 48 hours of the fault, then the local beamline group affected by the fault can request an access starting at 4:00 a.m. with exit from the tunnel at a time that will allow beam injection by 7:00 a.m.   Such a request must be made by noon on the day prior to the access.   The APS will notify users of the access by 3:00 p.m., and it will be discussed at the daily 4:00 p.m. MCR meeting.

The AOD Director, or his designee, will review and approve all such repair requests.

Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS Groups, 07/26/2004 to 08/02/2004:













4 hr 45 min


Serious fault 73:SS2_NO_SWITCH_S has recurred several times after resetting. 'A' shutter will only stay open for about 20 seconds before faulting again.

ASD-SI replaced an SS2 limit switch that was not operating properly.
ASD-VAC replaced an SS2 cylinder that was not operating properly.





29 min


Fault #115 P5BMS2_NOSWITCH occurred. Serious fault reset.

Refer to Downtime Record #443.





2 hr 43 min


BL going offline to replace cup seals on P5 integral shutter. ASD-VAC has submitted Work Request #15514. (Refer to DIN# 441.)

Beamline is back online and ready to operate.

Machine Studies Schedule for Run 02-09, 2004 (July 19, 0800 July 21, 08 00) can be found at:

Health Physics - J. Vacca:  An individual who had had a nuclear medicine study deposited an item with some of the radioactive isotope in the trash.  John invested a great deal of time working with Waste Management to identify the source of this isotope and eventually this investigation lead to a person at APS.  John suggests that an individual notify their line supervisor if they participate in such a test and let John know if you use a dosimeter while the isotope is in your system

Safety - E. Chang:  LOMs 434 and 435 will begin to be inspected. As part of the laser safety program, safety personnel will have informational discussions with laser safety personnel.   There was a fatal fall incident at another DOE facility and fall hazards and protection will be reviewed here at ANL.

General Discussion:  A wallet was stolen from a beamline on Saturday, July 31st, in the lunch area and subsequently reported to DuPage county .   Do not leave valuables unattended and exercise due diligence with laptop security.