CAT Chat Minutes

June 21, 2004


Information and Follow-up
How can User receive FedEx packages on weekends?

The Argonne Guest House will receive FedEx on the weekends.   If you have questions, contact your floor coordinator.

General Information
Machine Stats
            Delivered beam:   558 hrs.
            Percentage of scheduled time:   98.25%
            Downtime during period:   9.93 hrs.
            Mean time between faults:   39.86 hrs.


#20   06/15 16:00 to 06/18 15:59   71.98 hr.

9ID rad. mon . trip [UES]

#21   06/18 16:30 to 06/21 07:59   63.49

Int dump:   end of period

Beamline Downtime:   Beamtime downtime summary by APS groups, 06/15/2004 to 06/21/2004













15 min


Following work on the water system by ASD-ME completed during Machine Studies, FC did not reset PSS faults prior to 1600 hrs.

Request has been made to ASD-SI for the inclusion of the PSS (Version 2) status on EPICS control screens.





22 min


1) Slit Tank cold cathode gauge in Station A tripped BL-EPS.
2) FE-EPS control screens did not properly identify status of beamline.

1) Beamline Personnel reset fault and contact 0101 for FE-EPS reset.
2) ASD-CTL ( M. Smith ) changed Beamline_Status.adl to call EPS_Controls_new_BIV.adl instead of EPS_ControlsBIV.adl.

Notification by List Serve:   Randy Flood has added a new notification mail list to which you may add your name.   To opt in or out, use this link: The mail alias is: .  By subscribing, you will automatically receive e-mail notification of abnormal or changed conditions in the storage ring.

ANL Announces New Gate Pass System:   By using your ANL domain log-in and password, you will now be able to request gate passes for visitors.   To access the Gate Pass System (from on-site computer):  The system operates in conjunction with the Foreign Visit/Assignment Request System (FAVOR).   In the case of off-hours access and long-term visits, the division office approver will need to electronically authorize these visits.  

Air Temperature Fluctuations:   Roger showed a graph which showed the air temperatures that were recorded.  M. Kirshenbaum and R. Janik of AOD Conventional Facilities were consulted and investigated the tunnel valves.   These valves are leaking and are in need of repairs. The short-term solution will be employed immediately which involves minimizing the amount of fresh air supply and putting hot water pumps on automatic (which is equivalent to turning them off during the summer, when only the tunnel ac is required).

Argonne Site Office Laser Safety Review was conducted (March 15-25, 2004).   ANL-E laser safety program is mature and well-implemented with one non-compliance and three areas for improvement.   Non-compliance with ANSI Standard Z163.1 -- Safety program needs to be revised to include the requirement for approval by ANL LSO of all laser SOP's, laser equipment, and laser installations.   Expect Chapter 6.2 ESH Manual revision.

Improvements:  Establish a system to provide information on acceptable laser eye examinations prior to authorization of laser use.   Within the PARIS system laser purchase requisitions will be reviewed and approved by ESH coordinators.   Through the TMS system, JHQs are to be revised reflecting different roles in LCA (i.e., training for authorized user, scientific collaborator, spectator, visitor, service personnel).