CAT Chat Minutes

May 24, 2004

General Information

Machine Stats
We are all set to turn the beam on approximately 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, May 24, 2004 .   Roger showed the viewgraph of APS FY 2005 Long Range Schedule which covers the period of October through December 2004.

Secon Plans
Kevin Beyer reminded the group of the required submission of individual OSS SECON 1 plans for each of the CATs .   Deadline of CAT-specific shutdown procedures to Kevin is May 31, 2004 .   If you would like to see a generic example of procedures, please contact him at 2-9491, or 4-9491.

New Contractor
Scheck Industries has been awarded the time and materials contract replacing Intrastate.   The contract takes effect June 1, 2004 with duration of one year and option of two additional years.   Scheck has worked on-site before and have had safety training.

  Greening the Government: The EPA has that we consider the reduction in use of 5 priority chemicals: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, PCB'S, and Naphthalene.

  Clean water act - Spill Control and Countermeasures Plan - Please report to Elroy if you store oil in volumes of 55 gallons or greater.  

  Electrical safety review - the week of June 7th, ANL-E is hosting a peer review Please clear out items in front of electrical distribution panels , perform tool testing (floor coordinators), eliminate ganged extension cords.

Roger has invited Robert Dortwegt , ASD, to present information about upgraded flowmeters in an upcoming CAT Chat meeting.