CAT Chat Minutes

May 17, 2004

Information and Follow-up
User questioned why there were different numbers on what appears to be the same scheduled run chart.   He had several charts for the same time span with different numbers at the bottom, as well as the chart posted to the web had a different number from what is shown by   viewgraph during CAT Chat meetings.

The more recent date is the result of Chris Klaus improving the web page and putting schedule into HTML format.

Machine Status
Greg Banks highlighted the following:

  1. All machines are in Beam Permit.

  2. Beam has been brought through the Linac & PAR, and beam will be brought into the Booster tonight.

  3. Power supply testing will take place for the SR until this Wednesday evening (5/19/04).

  4. First beam will be introduced into the SR this Thursday (5/20/04), which is the start of machine studies.

  5. First beam for User Operations will be May 25, 2004 at 0800 hrs. (324 low emittance singlets, top-up).

Upcoming TWG Meeting
Roger will present a summary of shutdown work completed at the TWG meeting being held Thursday, May 20th .