CAT Chat Minutes

April 26, 2004


Information and Follow-up
Last week there was a medical incident in the CATs which resulted with 911 being called for emergency medical care.   One of the users was bleeding from the nose and the ambulance on-call said if the bleeding could not be stopped, they would transport the individual to the local hospital, which was done.   What is the ANL/APS policy with regard to emergency medical care for outside users?   One user commented that he is contacted periodically by the ANL Medical Department for a regular health checkup, but wondered if that meant he would be cared for in case of an emergency at the ANL Medical Department (during regular working hours).

Roger agreed that this is a valid concern and will see that the policy be investigated.   Richard Hislop has been tasked by Operations Directorate with finding the answer to medical care for outside users.

General Information
Machine Stats - Delivered beam:   1609 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   97.76%
Downtime during period:   36.94 hrs.
Mean time between faults:   57.50 hrs.

Beamline Schedule, Fall 2004:   Roger projected a view of the beamline schedule for October, November, and December 2004.   The schedule has been posted to the web.

SECON1 CAT Plans:   Last week at CAT Chat, Kevin Beyer, AOD Experiment Operations Support, presented the outlined implementation phase of SECON1.   Kevin reminds Users to identify system shutdown procedures and submit them to him by the deadline, June 1, 2004.   If you need assistance, contact Kevin at ext. 2-9491.

Due to the scheduled maintenance period, there is no need for the regular weekly meetings.   Therefore, the next CAT Chat meeting will take place Monday, May 17th, 3:00 p.m., building 401/conference room A1100.