CAT Chat Minutes

April 5, 2004


Information and Follow-up
Last week Randy Alkire asked how we could extend the 0.5 second no power on transfer from generator to normal power so that (as restart package exist) it would be recognized as a power outage by the timers.  

The following answer is provided by Bill Wesolowski: The transfer dead time (no voltage) for the system to transfer from generator power to normal power is about 0.5 seconds and cannot be lengthened.  

Because the timers in the Oxford restart package are presently monitoring a DC level, if the power outage is short in duration, the timers may not recognize this as a power outage and fail to restart the pump.   The transfer from normal power to generator power is usually of sufficient duration for the DC level to fall and the restart package recognizes this as a power outage and restarts the pump, however, the transfer back from generator power to normal power is only about 0.5 seconds and the dc voltage may not decay far enough for the timers to recognize that a power fault occurred and thus fails to restart the pump.  

Machine Stats R. Klaffky:
            Delivered beam:   1327.29 hrs.
            Percentage of scheduled time:   97.67%
            Downtime during period:   31.65 hrs.
            Mean time between faults:    63.20 hrs.

Beamline Faults:

# 59   03/30 16:01   To   03/31 06:50    14.82  

S25B:H1 trip [ME]

1.10 Klixon jumpered out, refill, resume top-up.

# 60   03/31 07:56   To   04/05 02:52   113.94  

15-ID BPLD Trip [?]

0.24 Refill, resume top-up

Beamline Downtime (APS Summary):













Recurring serious PSS faults



Investigatin by SI, VAC, and ME groups: SI personnel changed watchdog relay





Beamline lost ID control



XFE personnel corrected error in linear encoder

BLEP Faults:  Figures have been requested by Ops Directorate to display BLEPS readings, and will be provided to us by Kevin Beyer, AOD Experimental Floor Operations.   Following are samples from 05ID, 09ID, 14ID, and 19BM.

FY05 Operations Schedule Roger project an image of the proposed Long Range Operations Schedule.   User asked if, like last year, APS would adjust the proposed schedule to allow for a day after returning from Thanksgiving break before a new mode.   Roger agreed to look at the schedule to see if this request could be accommodated.

Safety E. Chang: Points of interest include: *April 2004 inspections in buildings 436 and 438. *Toxic Release Inventory The LEAD Pb toxic release inventory report is due to Elroy Chang by April 15, 2004 *APS Vehicle Speed Signs Traffic Signs were posted around the ring. *Machine Shop Safety Tour - J. M. Gibson and R. Hislop will perform a machine shop safety tour on April 23, 2004 beginning at 10:00 a.m.