CAT Chat Minutes

January 26, 2004


Message vacuum leak G. Goeppner:   George Goeppner, ASD, presented view-graphs of vacuum drawings.   This morning we were notified of a two decade rise in storage ring chambers which occurred on Saturday.   The pump in question is ID1.   When we asked for access this morning and closed valve, recovery was reached within 15 minutes.   Leak was in first fixed mast.   It was not yet determined what caused the leak.   We will be performing round-the-clock repairs.  

Roger Klaffky commented that we expect the beam to be back Friday, 8:00 a.m. at the earliest, Thursday noon at the latest (allowing time to get orbit right).   He will send Cat-net updates.  

User asked is it possible this problem had to do with high current testing.   George replied it had recovered immediately after the high current run.  

ESAF and GUPS B. Glagola:   Bruce said information from these forms help the APS count general users so be sure to enter the GUP number as part of the sequence number and/or title. He will get Mohammed to display the GUP number if the ESAF was created from a GUP.  

User asked is database linked with User statistics database.   Answered yes, these databases had always been linked.   Every experiment is recorded for reporting what was accomplished at the Advanced Photon Source.

Safety E. Chang:  Elroy will write up inspections by January 27, 2004 of 431 through 433 inspections.  He is arranging a meeting of the machine shop coordinators and will be sending out an e-mail on same.