CAT Chat Minutes

January 19, 2004


Machine Stats R. Klaffky: As of today, Zone F, Linac/PAR and Booster are closed.

Starting tomorrow, stations A, B, D, & E will be closed for orbit corrections.

Machine Studies:  Roger will contact Glenn Decker to make sure there is enough time allocated in the machine studies schedule.

Next Operating Schedule:  Roger presented a viewgraph of the Long Range Ops Schedule showing that machine studies will be done by 8:00 am on the 29th of this month.

End-of-run forms S. Strasser:   Susan presented the purpose and approach to the new End of Experiment Form (EEF) form response system(handouts distributed).  The form is a two-part, electronic (web-based) system, with seven APS-specific questions, which can be completed on site or remotely by any experimenter listed on the ESAF for the experiment.  All users (General Users, Partner Users, CAT members, staff) can complete an EEF; however, reminder e-mails will be sent only to General Users. 

Each CAT Director/Sector Manager will designate who will view completed EEFs. Designated sector personnel currently are all ESAF approvers, all staff with access to General User proposals, and the CAT Director/Sector Manager. CAT Director/Sector Manager can change designated personnel by notifying Susan Strasser.

User suggested questions 5 & 7 should be consolidated into one question. Another User commented that question 2 seemed overly negative and should be re-written as Lack of success was due to, giving multiple selections for answers.

User asked Susan what happens after the 2nd email message is sent to experimenter about submitting no response? Susan responded that she would have Denny Mills respond to the handling of this lack of response.

E-mail to be sent next week to Users who have 2004-1 allocated time regarding the new EEF (End-of-Run Response forms). EEF system is operational.

Floor Housekeeping B. Ruzicka: Tidiness on the walkway is not good. Bill suggested a warning be given as a reminder to remove items or they will be disposed. Users were concerned and asked that there should be enough time given in the warning before items are actually disposed of by APS. How much time should be given to specific CAT? No answer was given at this meeting.

Floor Space - B. Wesolowski: Bill stated that items would be cleared in sections 25, 26, & 27 for surveying and alignment of new beamlines and hutches.

The 300 area is presently being used for Users storage and contains too many empty boxes/crates. We need to get rid of some of these, especially those that have been there for 5-7 years.

There are no long-range plans for storage at this time. Bill recommended that Users inform Murray Gibson via email about acquiring more storage space.

Safety Inspection E.: Sectors 431 & 432 were inspected last week. Sector 433 will be inspected this week.

Handout for CAT Chat Meeting

January 19, 2004 

"End of Experiment Response System"   presented by Susan Strasser (pdf)