CAT Chat Minutes

November 24, 2003


Information and Follow-up

User questioned status of water supply (processed) around ring. Can it be used only in case of backup?

Bill asked if Sector 9 would like to go to central processed water supply and User replied that it would be something they'd like to look into as long as they do not have to maintain water system and its components.   Bill will have Gene Swetin contact User.   Roger will ask a water group representative to discuss this at next CAT Chat meeting.  

User asked about automated CAT-net messages that report on ports (maybe one or two messages a day) have been received.   He is not exactly clear on what is being said/explained in these messages.

Roger will ask Bill McDowell to speak at CAT Chat to explain the automated messages.



Machine Stats - R. Klaffky:

Delivered beam:  1073 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:   96.67%
Downtime during period:  36.99 hrs.
Mean time between faults:  48.77 hrs.

Machine Faults:

# 54   11/18 16:00   To   11/24 06:57   134.95

UPS AC breaker trip [IT]

3.74 Recover, RTFB problem 0.3h [ Diag ], refill

# 55   11/24 10:41   To   11/24 14:37     3.93  

S32/33 Raw PS Trip   [ES]

0.68 Reset, conditioning, refill

Beamline Downtime Report:  Summary period 11/14-20/2003










Gap did not return to preferred value when shutter was opened; user did not notice for 44 minutes.






Repair of chain B pressure switch and air connector to PSS panel




After beam was restored, approximately midnight , 33-ID's shutter was left closed until 08:37 when beamline personnel arrived.   Because the shutter remained closed, the gap automatically opened to 30mm.   When the user opened the shutter at 8:37 , the gap did not automatically return to its previous setting, as it has been set to do (only a few beamlines have this capability implemented) .   Unnoticed until 9:21, there was a downtime report filed for the Beamline Controls group.   However, we felt that downtime should not be started until the user attempted to open the shutter.  

The second event was for a repair of a chain B pressure switch for 22-ID.  

Work Affecting Beamlines during December-January Maintenance Period B. Wesolowski :   Bill presented the following work list on viewgraph.   Dates covered are December 23, 2003 through January 23, 2004.  Changes made November 24, 2003.

Switch gear maintenance X4 - Friday, January 2, 2004
LOM 434 and Sectors 12, 13, 14, & 15
Power will be off from approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
EFOG will contact beam-line personnel and establish some 120 V power to their area for necessary items

Switch gear maintenance X5 Saturday, January 10, 2004
LOM 435 and Sectors 16, 17, 18, & 19
Power will be off from approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
EFOG will contact beam-line personnel and establish some 120 V power to their area for necessary items.

Work on FE components ( citronox water systems) to be determined.

Decker Chicane @ sectors 24, 25 and 31.

Survey and Alignment:
Map sectors 14, 26 and 27 for girder move in April 2004.

ID Work:  
3-ID  ( remove and re-measure)
4-ID  ( remove and re-measure)

Work on ratchet wall collimators to be determined.

Shutter Work to be determined.

Relocation of DIW transmitters - DIW transmitters relocation at 5-ID, 7-ID and 8-ID

DIW switch-over to APS process water at Sector 34

Front End:
  1-ID   (re-stacking of Pb bricks of the ratchet wall collimator)
  6-ID    (re-stacking of Pb bricks of the ratchet wall collimator)
17-BM    (repair x- bpms )
18-ID    (repair x- bpms )
21-ID    (install and test new x- bpms )

PSS re-validation:
  9-ID    (1/5 to 1/7)
11-ID    (1/5 to 1/6)
16-ID    (1/7 to 1/9)
14-BM    (1/8 to 1/9)
19-BM    (1/12 to 1/13)
19-ID    (1/12 to 1/13)
22-ID    (1/14 to 1/15)
13-BM    (1/19 to 1/20), also support new shutter installation.
31-ID    (1/19 to 1/20)
20-BM    (1/21 to 1/22)

Pending to be scheduled late into SD: 8-BM and 17-BM for validation.

If you require cryo-pump maintenance and/or enclosure door maintenance during this period, please contact your Floor Coordinator to make arrangements.

Safety E. Chang:   Elroy has scheduled two sessions for laser safety training:   Tuesday, December 2nd , 10-11:30 a.m.; and Thursday, December 4th , 2-3:30 p.m.   The session taking place on December 2 nd will be held in building 200 auditorium , and the second session which takes place on December 4th will be held in building 402 auditorium.