CAT Chat Minutes

September 29, 2003


General Information

Roger Klaffky stated that Sectors 1-22 had extensive BPM electronics changes in converting monopulse P1 bpms to narrow band bpms and in making changes in P0 bpm electronics. As a result, users may require orbit corrections when we come back into operation.

A viewgraph of the Beamline Downtime Summary prepared by Lisa Gades was shown. Roger would like to push the machine during the next run from 112 milliamps to 115 milliamps to check the machine for reliability. The Users didn't seem too concerned with the change, and if there are any problems, the milliamps will be returned to 112 ma.

There were 133 hours of total beam downtime with the Users responsible for 80 hours. Sector 6-ID had a downtime of 128 hours due to a loose connector on the slow valve. This was fixed during the first available machine study period. Roger also said a small group will discuss the Emergency Access Policy for Front Ends.

Soil B. Glagola: Bruce discussed the soil permit meeting with the USDA. Bruce said he felt the meeting went well and that in approximately two weeks they should have an answer to bringing foreign and domestic soils into the APS for testing.

Safety E. Chang:  The second session for Machine Shop Training is approaching. If anyone is interested in attending this training, submit your enrollment forms to Jane Pransky, AOD, by October 3, 2003.

He reported on the laser incident at Brookhaven. It appears that a graduate student was setting up an experiment and was trying to align a high power infrared laser beam using a mirror to make the adjustments. He was not wearing laser protective goggles and the beam was reflected by the mirror into both of his eyes. Both of his retinas were burned and at this time he is considered legally blind. As a result of the incident, all laser work at Brookhaven has been suspended until further notice.

APS emphasizes how important it is to implement safety in your everyday work. At ANL, all laser work at the Laboratory requires a one-time eye checkup. The checkup must be completed within 90 days.