CAT Chat Minutes

September 15, 2003


Information and Follow-up

Pager question from User was can a site-wide pager be included with others for e-mail notification of power outages if it is not an ANL pager?

Floor Coordinators are coming to each CAT for their list of pager numbers to be used when receiving notification via e-mail. If you can receive email on your pager, just provide the number to Floor Coordinators.

User asked if something can be done about the poor cell phone reception from the ring.

Bill talked to M. Ramanathan, AOD, and he says there is too much variation in frequencies to allow for improvements.

In a previous CAT Chat meeting, User questioned recent large number of Security-related incidents due to building theft.

As follow-up, Bill Wesolowski showed viewgraph of reports obtained from Security which showed five occurrences during March through August 2003. Additionally, two Users noted these were not listed: June, 2003, Sector 18 reported cash theft; and on August, 2003, Sector 435 reported computer theft.


General Information

Maintenance Period B. Wesolowski:  Bill showed a viewgraph with the following updates to maintenance items:

Switchgear testing is complete. Network switch upgrades are complete. PSS re-validation - 14BM was just finished this morning, but several other beamlines remain to be validated. R. Pahl asked to add 14BM to the list.

Emergency Power work from the network closet to distribution box on the floor is 90% complete in Phase I. APS has contacted the beamlines concerning their power requirements and will meet Tuesday morning with management. Continue to contact Bill Wesolowski to discuss getting emergency power to sectors.

Shutter work on 16ID should be complete by end of maintenance period. Regarding low temperature hot water lines, the contractor insulating water lines is behind schedule. Sectors 1 to 5 have been completed. By end of shutdown, water lines between sectors 6 to 22 should be insulated.

GFCI Test:  Regarding question by User at last weeks meeting, to perform GFCI test now instead of January, 2004 (actual test due date), Bill reported the switch gears are tested every three years in January, May and September. If the annual GFCI testing were to change from the current test date of January 2004 to September 2003 and then September 2004 and so on, all new stickers would have to be attached to each outlet, APS would have to apply for a variance to change the date and the ES&H Manual clearly states that the testing should be done in January of each year. We are, therefore, leaning toward not changing the GFCI test date.