CAT Chat Minutes

August 4, 2003


Information and Follow-up

Building 435 parking lot needs re-striping. User requested paving the gravel lot nearby.

User directed to e-mail Richard Hislop,, with copy to R. Klaffky and B. Ruzicka. Richard can contact the appropriate Division/personnel to handle requests.


General Information

Operation Stats R. Klaffky:  Information from Run 2-03:

Delivered beam:  1294 hours
Percentage of scheduled time:  94.66%
Downtime during period:  73.11 hours
Mean time between faults (MTBF):  35.97

Two faults:

# 67 07/30 08:00 To 08/02 18:39 82.66

RF2 hybrid flow fault

1.35 Valve solenoid reset, refill

# 68 08/02 20:00 To 08/03 17:52 21.86

RF2 transformer fault

6.46 Switched 13.2kv feed & RF system, refill

Beamline Downtime Report:

Beamline Downtime Summary, 7/25/03 00:00 to 7/31/03 23:59










Serious PSS Fault #70:SS1_No_Switch. ME plan to check shutter cylinders during maintenance period.



APS Power System G. Markovich:  Greg presented an overview sketch of the entire power system for APS.

He pointed out fault at RF2 that occurred Sunday night. Shown below are the waveforms captured from the SG-U3 13.2kV sries power monitoring system.  Greg's presentation on the power system is linked to these minutes:  20030804_GMarkovich.pdf

Paul Zschack, UNI-CAT, commented that he was present during the power outage and felt that communication was poor and needed improvement. The only information given as to the reason for outage was unknown.  Roger will talk about this with MCR personnel.

OPS Directorate Report R. Klaffky:  Issues discussed at the OPS Directorate meeting today were:

1. The 24-bunch proposed by Glenn Decker is still being discussed with timing groups.

2. Policy for operating gaps on lines when above 30 mm. We can leave it (gap) alone but havent gathered a sense from Users what they want.

3. Looking into IXS long straight section study to have users observe beam stability over a 4 hr. period with end quadrupoles and correctors disabled to simulate effect of removing these components for a longer straight section.