CAT Chat Minutes

July 7, 2003


General Information

Power Outage B. Wesolowski:  There was a power outage on Friday, July 4, 2003 that lasted approximately six hours, one of the main transformers indicated overload on all three phases and tripped feed switch. The transformer and ancillary equipment was hi-potted and all was found ok. The cause is still under investigation.Bill also brought up the problem of not getting the information out to the User Community as quickly as they would have liked. There are approximately 80 calls that need to go out in the event of a power outage and one floor coordinator. The FC also fielded several calls by Users wanting entry into enclosures at the beginning of the power outage. We will consider the possibility of setting up automatic pages for calls to inform of power outage then backing the pages up with a phone call.Bill is working with Greg Markovich to get emergency power to the beam lines. This will take some time. We may be able to do a quick fix with management authorization to use some emergency power from Storage Ring mezzanine, will advise on this shortly. Some Oxford cryopumps did not restart even though the emergency power was on. Oxford will be contacted to see where problems lie on the restart packages.There is also the issue of the card key doors not being on emergency power, one of the Users was actually locked out for 10 minutes and could not get access back to the building. This will be looked into.

Machine Studies will begin today, July 7, 2003 at 4:00 p.m. until tomorrow, July 8, 2003 at 8:00 a.m.

Safety E. Chang:  The OSHA inspectors will be here tomorrow afternoon, and Elroy reminded everyone to make sure their areas are ready for the walkthroughs, check housekeeping, LOMS, hutches, beamlines, egress aisles, etc. The OSHA inspectors will be here from July 8th (afternoon) through July 15th and their intent is to look at everything. Bill Ruzicka suggested that if they ask you a question and you are not sure of the answer, let them know that you will go to your supervisor, group leader, safety personnel and get the answer.