CAT Chat Minutes

June 9, 2003


General Information

Machine Stats - C.-Y. Yao:  C.-Y. presented the following stats for the period 6/3-9/2003:  delivered beam at 241.71 hrs.; percentage of scheduled time 88.87%; and mean time between faults (MTBF) at 20.14 hrs.

Machine downtime report as follows:

#15 06/03 08:00 to 06/094 09:55 25.74

RF4 lost power [RF]

0.58 refill RF 1 induced

* Interruption of delivered beam between 6/03 08:00 to 06/03 08:11 gaps not returned to user values

#16 06/04 10:19 to 06/06 21:58 59.64

Rad. Mon. fault [HP]

0.55 IOC reboot, refill

#17 06/06 22:30 to 06/07 04:34 6.06

Dump on network storm [CTL]

7.47 recover network, injector tuning, refill

#18 06/07 12:02 to 06/07 18:10 6.14

Ukn 1ID BPLD trip [UKN]

0.41 refill

#19 06/07 18:34 to 06/07 20:32 1.96

Ukn 1ID BPLD trip [UKN]

13.87 par IK4 repair [ES], injector tune up, refill (PFN cable fault of PAR IK4)

#20 06/08 10:24 to 06/09 07:59 21.59

Int dump: end of period


Users reported similar unusual activity in Sectors 9, 14, and 19ID. C.-Y. will look at the information they will submit to him to further analyze their data.

Users reported that information was not readily available. Some users remained at their station for long periods, refreshing their monitor screens in hope that more detail could be learned.

C.-Y. asked if we post a message, would that be acceptable. The Users who were present today all agreed that that would be helpful and to add a date and time to the message. Additionally, a PA announcement could be added to help the notification process.

Beamline Downtime B. Wesolowski:  Bill reported the following beamline downtime stats for the period of 5/30- 6/04/2003:










Open/close LEDs on 19-BM-C required PSS repair.






EMW power supply trip.






Gap control was not given to beamline until 08:10.






Serious PSS fault #211:P8DMS2_NOSWITCH--required cycling of shutter and repair during machine studies.



Safety W. Wesolowski:  Last week it was reported in order to prepare for SECON 1, conditions preclude CAT Directors look in their areas at any equipment or supplies they have on-hand, provide instructions on shutdown and startup/recovery, etc..  Following is further information regarding that request:

Each beamline must have a SECON-1 shutdown plan. This is a document describing the shutdown sequence that the beamline would like to see implemented in the case of a site evacuation. This plan should be written to address shutdown during off normal hours and during a run period or maintenance period when few personnel are on site. Floor Coordinators on duty can be utilized to aid in beamline shutdown during off normal hours during run periods.

To aide in formulating individual plans, AOD Floor Coordinators are working on a template for a Beamline shutdown plan should SECON 1 be implemented. Once the template has been completed, Floor Coordinators will work with each sector to formulate individual plans.

Bill Wesolowski and Kevin Beyer are working together to compile a template of SECON 1 plans. The deadline for submission of finalized plans is July 1, 2003.

Two OSHA team leaders will be here on a scoping visit (either ANL and/or APS) on June 16-17, 2003. OSHA personnel will look at electrical panel boards as well as check on panel legends. Please remember to remove all obstructions beforehand.

The next CAT Chat will take place on Monday, June 16th at 3:00 p.m. in building 401, conference room A1100.