CAT Chat Minutes

May 19, 2003



Machine Studies R. Klaffky: Storage ring will be ready by Thursday, May 22nd.

Roger projected a viewgraph of the Long Range Operations Schedule. We enter a machine studies period May 22-28, 2003, May 28th we begin start up.

ESAF B. Glagola: Bruce informed the group of an upcoming ESAF meeting. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at 2:00 p.m. in conference room A1100. A CAT-net e-mail will be sent announcing the meeting. Anyone involved with administration of experiment safety forms are invited to attend. Bruce hopes to have internet connection for this meeting so that he may demonstrate the submittal process.

Experiment Hall Floor B. Wesolowski: Bill noted that low temperature hot water work is complete and still balancing temperatures. There was only one visible leak, which was due to a gasket that had not been changed. If CATs are having problems, contact Bill at ext. 9496.

Watchman Data System R. Klaffky: This system is being evaluated and the green User Locator Cards are being modified with final approval by J. M. Gibson. The cards have proven to be useful. Roger will continue to contact members of the Task force for input. Please continue to submit scheduling information to Yeldez Amer.

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the next CAT Chat meeting will be held on June 2nd.