CAT Chat Minutes

April 7, 2003


Information and Follow-up

User has trouble accessing the APS status page, usually during log-in from home.

Check with computer support to make sure everything is set up correctly.

User asked who ascertains that routine six-month maintenance on overhead doors has been performed.

Bill answered that the User is responsible to contact the floor coordinator if the doors are to be maintained.

User noted that the communication process needs improving as there were some beam stability problems this week and notification was slow.

Glenn answered that CY Yao, AOD MCR Operations, did notice problems. We will continue with our efforts to make the announcements as soon as APS sees a problem occurring. There is a standing order in the Control Room that an announcement will be made if there is more than 10 microns rms motion for more than 10 minutes.


General Information

Machine Stats and LR Schedule - G. Decker:  Glenn reported the following statistics for run 1-2003:  130.07 hours of delivered beam, four faults, 32.52 hours Mean Time Between Faults, and 96.34% of scheduled time.

FILL #, Start to End, Duration

Reason for Fill Termination

Length of Downtime


2.39 RF3/RF2 problem [RF], Booster tuning [OAG], refill

# 77 04/01 18:23 To 04/02 16:38 22.25   

S40 cav. vac trip [RF]

0.70 Refill, BPM problem [DIAG]

# 78 04/02 17:20 To 04/03 09:04 15.72

RF4 lost power [RF]

0.22 Refill

# 80 04/03 09:17 To 04/05 16:13 54.93

5ID Rad. Mon. failure [HP]

1.09 Rad. mon. replacement, refill

# 81 04/05 17:18 To 04/06 14:02 19.73

Rad. trip @ refill [OPS]

0.53 Refill

# 83 04/06 14:34 To 04/07 07:59 17.43

Int. Dump: End of Period


Beamline Faults - B. Wesolowski: Bill reported the following beamline downtime for the period 3/28- 4/03/2003








Beamline vacuum excursion requiring call-in of BP





Beamline vacuum problem requiring call-in of BP





Beamline vacuum problem requiring call-in of BP





Accidental depression of "door disable" button inside the A-station prevented operation of door





Serious Fault #221:P8DMS2_NOSWITCH

Note:  shutter was repaired last week by ME group.



Work affecting beamlines during April-May maintenance period - B. Wesolowski: Bill presented and explained the work schedule for the April-May, 2003 maintenance period.  This schedule follows:

Work affecting beamlines during the April-May Maintenance Period (4/22 thru 5/22/2003)

Switchgear maintenance X1 Saturday, April 26, 2003

LOM 431 and Sectors 1, 2, & 3
Power will be off from approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
EFOG will contact beamline personnel and establish some 120V power to their area for necessary items.

Work on low temperature hot water lines

This work will begin on April 22nd and continue thru May 20th. Areas of piping will be drained starting April 22nd. This will affect all LOMs and the experimental hall floor. The affect will be loss of heating, so we may experience some cool temperatures if the weather does not cooperate. As work progresses, areas will be refilled to minimize the time of inconvenience. The work will also require moving apparatus on the floor so that workers can access the pipe joints. EFOG will work with beamline personnel to move (as required) and protect apparatus on the floor. Although lines are drained, there is always residue water leaks when the joints are repaired.

The preliminary schedule is:

Sectors 1,2,3,4,5,6 will be worked on during the period of Apr. 23rd to May 8th

Sectors 7,8,9,10,11,12 will be worked on during the period of May 8th to May 20th

Sectors 21,22,23,24 will be worked on during the period Apr 29th to May 8th

Sectors 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 will be worked on during the period May 8th to May 20th

Decker Chicane will take place in sectors 11, 12, &13.

ID Work

Sector 3-ID (both IDs - measure & re-tune) 4-22-03 thru 5-15-03
Sector 23-ID (Install Dual Canted Undulators) 4-22-03 thru 5-22-03
Sector 18-ID & 22 (Swap ID with equivalent unit) 4-22-03 thru 5-13-03

Work on ratchet wall collimators

Sector 1-ID somewhere between 4-22-03 thru 5-7-03
Sector 6-ID somewhere between 4-30-03 thru 5-22-03

Shutter Work

Sector 1-ID new offsets for P4 &P5 shutters 4-22-03 thru?
Sector 2-BMB repair/replace shutter 5-4-03 thru 5-10-03
Sector 13-BM integrate new shutter 5-21-03 thru 5-27-03

Relocation of DIW transmitters

Sector 1-ID 4-22-03 thru 4-23-03
Sector 2-ID 4-22-03 thru 4-23-02

Re-wire DIW transmitters

Sector 6-ID 4-22-03 thru 4-23-03
Sector 11-ID 4-22-03 thru 4-23-03
Sector 16-ID 4-22-03 thru 4-23-03

If you require cryo-pump maintenance, and/or enclosure door maintenance during this period, please contact your Floor Coordinator to make arrangements. (WAW 4/13/2003)

Safety - E. Chang:  OSHA Inspection - OSHA will inspect two laboratories:  Oak Ridge National Laboratory on May 5, 2003; and Argonne National Laboratory in late June or early July, 2003.  We expect 14-15 members in a team who will do a wall-to-wall inspection including:  processes, facility, and documentation for the last three years.  We are working with the laboratory to submit certain preliminary information now. 

SMART training - Jim Lang will be conducting training sessions in the next few weeks.   The training courses are listed below along with dates and times. 

APS will be hosting three APS observational safety-training courses during
the weeks of April 7th and April 14th. These courses are open to all APS
employees and Resident CATs who have not yet attended these courses.

- APS 123     SMART for Supervisors (the APS modified STOP program)
- APS 345     Employee Safety Envelope Training
- APS 567     Safety Roles of the First Line Supervisor

Dates, Locations and Targeted Personnel for Safety Training:

APS 123 SMART for Supervisors (All Chief Techs, Supervising Engineers and Supervising Personnel or as assigned by the Division Directors or Group Leaders to attend.)
April 8th 8:30 - 11:30 Rm. E1100
April 15th 8:30 - 11:30 Rm. A1100
April 17th 1:30 - 4:30 Rm. A1100
(Attendance at all three sessions is required)

APS 345 Employee Safety Envelope Training (All employees whose scope of duties includes a significant amount of hands on work outside of the office environment and those assigned by the Division Directors or Group Leaders to attend.)
April 14th     8:30 - 11:30 Rm. A1100

APS 567 Safety Roles of the First Line Supervisor (All Chief Techs, Supervising Engineers and Supervising Personnel or as assigned by the Division Directors or Group Leaders.)
April 16th 8:30 4:00 Rm. A1100

Please contact Sandy Tummillo at 2-9203 or e-mail
to enroll.

Finally, Elroy would like to remind CATs to start cleaning out experiment hall from the white columns to the periphey.

CAT Entry of Sector-specific Training - S. Davey: Steve showed a viewgraph of two screens that will be used in entering CAT information into the training system.  We will be asking you to supply the name of those individuals in your CATs who will be entering information.