CAT Chat Minutes

March 31, 2003


Information and Follow-up

Critical FOE Component Labeling - R. Klaffky:  At the last CAT Chat meeting, Paul Zschack explained his recent problem with kinematic mounts under critical components (white beam mask) in FOE.  Roger explained that each component shall be separately labeled.   APS will ascertain that there be a clear ID on each component and these will be entered into the APS critical component inventory.  Regarding possibility of motion of the kinematic table, bellows spreaders will be needed to take care of the differential pressure problem.


General Information

Machine Status / Faults - R. Klaffky: 

Delivered beam:  1194 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:  97.5%
Downtime during period: 30.65 hrs.
Mean time between faults: 39.81 hrs.


#72 3/26 0800 to 03/26 21:22 13.37 S15B:MT trip (ES)
#73 03/26 22:33 to 03/29 09:50 59.28 S39:W01 Valve trip (VAC)
#74 03/29 to 03/31 10:04 47.84   fill ongoing

On-Line Computer Account Request Form - B. McDowell:  The cyber security review was recently concluded with good results.  The team will return on April 7th to conduct interviews.  At that time they will also take a look at the wireless system and registered wireless devices with special interest in foreign visitors who use computers.  CAT users who want an APS computer account will fill out an on-line request form.  This form is currently being fine-tuned and will be made available in approximately one week.  A link will be included on the ISS homepage and CAT homepage. 

CAT Entry of Sector-Specific Training into ANL Training Management System (TMS) - R. Klaffky:  Roger informed the group that CATS will be approved to directly enter sector-specific training into the ANL TMS system.  There will be a request for a list of CAT personnel authorized to enter data into the TMS system.  There will be training session for these personnel. More information will be provided next week as to the screens that will be on the web.

Traveling Dosimeters - P.K. Job:  P.K. presented the following information from the laboratory ALARA coordinator:

"Resolution/Recommended Action:

Employees should not take external dosimeters on travel without approval from radiation protection personnel.  When dosimetry is approved for travel, radiation protection personnel will implement a protocol to account for "background" exposure to dosimetry and occupational dose.  Personnel should not place external dosimeters in luggage to be checked through airport screening devices.  The X-ray machines that are used for carry-on luggage screening are typically not powerful enough to register a signal, therefore, dosimeters may be placed in carry-on luggage, if necessary."

This information will also be sent out on CAT-net email.

Rad Samples - B. Glagola:  Bruce announced that it is possible to ship out small samples with permission from DOE.  Contact Bruce on ext. 2-9797 with any questions.