CAT Chat Minutes

March 17, 2003


Information and Follow-up

Will Roy Emersons meeting take place this week as mentioned at the March 10th CAT Chat?

Yes, a notice will go out via cat-net e-mail that the ISS group would like to meet Thursday, March 20th at 1:30 p.m. in building 401/conference room A1100.

User Operations

Operations Stats: Roger Klaffky presented the following statistics for run 1-03: delivered beam was 946 hours; 97.04% scheduled time. There were 27.99 hours downtime during this period with mean time between faults (MTBF) of 36.72 hours.

Machine faults: 

#64 3/12/2003 0800 to 1554    VAC Valve    0.26 refill

#65  3/12/2003 1609 to 3/17/2003 0125   S33BV1: Correcter magnet   2.26 refill

Beamline Downtime Report: Roger reported nine faults for the period 3/07-13/2003

Safety Report Below are highlights from Edmund Changs report:

Inspections:  Sector 16 HP-CAT was performed today.  Most common inspection fault:  Storage and use of compressed gas cylinders.

USERS:  To report injuries, unusual circumstances to APS management.   Information needed:  time, date, place, employee, and badge number.

Environmental Compliance meeting at ANL on March 12, 2003.  (TRI) toxic release inventory report due July 1, 2003.  US EPA may visit and examine our SWAAs.  Cold Cleaning Laboratory has filed a petition for an adjusted standard for VOCs and laboratory/ research work.  Chemical and Radioactive Waste 197 and 195:  The forms are on-line, training arrangements are being made

User Training Update - S. Davey:  Steve Davey reports that we are beginning to automate the registration of some of the required user training; the cutover may be as soon as next week. If there are problems, please inform us.