CAT Chat Minutes

March 10, 2003


User Operations

Operations Stats: This past weeks performance was displayed to the group showing three faults. The faults consisted of: 1) power bump, 2) incorrect bunch pattern on fill-on-fill, and 3) water flow tri on SQ power supply. These faults led to a total of 25.47 hours of downtime. Availability for the week is approximately 97% and the mean time to beam failures is 33.27 hours.

A 48-hour machine studies period will occur on Monday, March 10 beginning at 0800 hours. User operation with low emittance lattice in top-up mode will continue for the following week.


General Information

Roy Emerson, Assistant Safety Software Engineer for Electrical Systems, informed the user community and the floor coordinators there is a review of PSS Versions 1 and 2, which should generate a Version 3. The goals are to improve the system in all aspects. Users will continue to have the option for PSS to install a hardware remote shutter interface as many of them have now. Additionally, the users will have the ability to operate the shutters through EPICS on all systems from Version 2 and greater. The timeframe for the start of implementation will be the end of the year, with new sytems being installed. In the first version, command and control is handled together. Starting with Version 2, command and control is relocated to an "untrusted" separate system Chain C. Only operational functionality tests have to be conducted on Chain C. In all versions, chain A and chain B remain the secure emergency shutdown devices. The new version will have higher reliability, increased diagnostics, a more flexible user interface, and decreased validation time.

We would like to solicit input from all interested parties and feel strongly the User Community and the Floor Coordinators input is needed. The ISS group would like to meet with all the users next Thursday, March 20 at 1:30 in A1100 to discuss any other issues that needs to be included with the new version.

Roger Klaffky discussed the revised ODH alarm response to the group. The floor coordinators will be the first responders when the alarm goes off within the enclosures. The Fire Dept will only be called in if there is a real emergency situation. The Floor Coordinators will have portable ODH monitors to confirm that there is a real ODH. Sturdy brackets have been made up to replace the Velcro ODH holders and Glen M will install them when enclosures are available.

The card reader has been moved out beyond the badge board towards the snack area in 401. It will operate the same as all other doors into 400 with open hours of 6 a.m.-7 p.m. An exception to this is the Gallery doors, which are open to 9 p.m. so ANL personnel can access the 401 Grill without badge access.