CAT Chat Minutes

February 10, 2003


Information and Follow-up

Thomas Gog asked what the procedure is when there is too little oxygen in an enclosure.

Bill Wesolowski replied: in the case of cryo-pumps located in enclosures, we follow current procedures, i.e. notify main control room who will close off the LN2 supply to the enclosure and contact ANL Fire Department.

Lisa Keefe said the monitor alarm in her area activates routinely.

Bill replied that this is a special situation where crystals are being cooled with vapor from liquid nitrogen - a meeting to discuss this subject has been arranged.


General Information

Machine Studies/Operation Statistics G. Decker: Glenn reports from run 1-03 scheduled hours overall were 272, delivered 264.05, availability 97.08% with eight faults and MTBF overall 33.01 hours.  At 0800 hours on Wednesday, February 12th, machine will wake with 10% more flux. Beamline Faults R. Klaffky:  Roger reported the following incidents 1/31/03, plastic water line break in enclosure, 2 hrs. 0 mins., User repaired 1/31/03, ID stopped responding, 0 hrs. 16 mins., CTL grp repaired 2/01/03, chain B PSS down, 2 hrs. 0 mins., ES repaired

2/01/02-2/03/03, water leak into shutter, water leaked into volume around bellows preventing the shutter from closing before an interlock time-out occurred. Incident took place over weekend and resolved on Monday, 78 hrs. 0 mins., ME/User

1/31/03-2/03/03, beamline water skid control problem, water group called on several occasions, many changes attempted to resolve- none to any avail. On 2/03/03 switched to process water and now operational, 12 hrs. 52 mins., User

APS Stockroom Operation S. Downey:  Steve explained how and why specific items are stocked in the 401 stockroom.  As DOE requires a 90-day period of shelf turnover, he wants to create a committee to include members of CATs that will meet monthly with him and suggest stock items to be considered for shelf space in the APS stockroom. Contact Steve at ext. 2-9841, or radio page 4-1523, if you wish to take part in this committee.  A CAT-net message will be sent to further explain proposed committee.

ESAF Update B. Glagola:  Bruce covered the recent enhancements to the ESAF on-line web page.  A new addition to the ESAF includes the ability for the User to look up his/her own training.  Additional changes to the text on some buttons include the renaming of several buttons to make their function more obvious (e.g., print, save, and/or submit the completed ESAF form).  A field for the starting date of the experiment has been added and the shifts assigned fields have been removed.  The font size used for User and CAT comments is now larger and easier to view.  If the ESAF is approved electronically (on-line) by the CAT, an approver name will appear on the printed .pdf version and the form will not need to be signed by the approver.  If no approver name is entered from the web then the approver must sign the form.  The verification signature and date is still required at the bottom of the printed form.

Bruce covered the recent enhancements to the ESAF on-line web page.  A new addition to the page includes the ability for the User to look up his/her own training.  Additional buttons include options to print, save, and/or submit the completed ESAF form for approval.  The form is electronically approved by the APS and CAT member or experimenter (CAT may suggest name).  Form font size is now larger and easier to view.

Lead Contamination E. Dufresne / E. Chang: Contamination investigation of 7ID-D and 7ID-C where a labyrinth was recently created.  A surface sample was taken which showed 100 times the level of what is considered safe for surface measurement (this was from lead filings).  HEPA filter vacuum cleanup and swab of entire floor was done.  According to Edmund Chang, contractors did not follow to the letter the work procedures that were recommended.  Containment was not properly used (non-HEPA vac), and choice of tools was some contributing factors.

A User asked if no one was monitoring the contractor at work.  Eric Dufresne replied that these events took place so quickly (within a day or two) and were not monitored closely enough.

Joint VME Crate Purchase D. Hausermann:  Daniel remarked that the price of VME crates has risen.  He asked if anyone present wished to join him in combining a group order to reduce costs, if any.  No one replied that they were interested in a group order.