CAT Chat Minutes

January 6, 2003


General Information

Beamline Scheduling: The template for beamline scheduling will be available shortly. Yeldez Amer will be contacting the CAT representatives individually. Bill Wesolowski displayed a sample of the gathered information for Users to view. The information contained within is color coded according to the FY 2003 operations schedule types of periods (operations, maintenance). The beamline use scanner data is being reviewed and Yeldez will deal with any discrepancies on a case-by-case basis.

LOM Access: The LOM pentagon C sliding doors will not require use of a card key during the hours of 0600 to 1900 each day. This has manually been put into effect and should become automated soon depending on what is needed. A question was asked if these hours applied only to dates Monday through Friday. Bill will get the answer to this by the next meeting.

LOM Parking Lots: Although just a dusting, Bill asked experimenters if there were any problems with icy parking lots this morning. No one replied that there had been a problem today.