CAT Chat Minutes

December 16, 2002


User Operations

Operations Stats: Glenn Decker reports from week 10: 126 hours scheduled, 125.9 hours delivered. Availability was 99.89% (loss was due to late beam delivery) with 0 faults.

Notice was sent December 9th through CAT-net informing experimenters of beamline status and procedure to be taken if not taking beam.

Roger projected a view of the FY2003 Schedule and reiterated what was shown on the long-range operations schedule (October 2002-September 2003).


General Information

Beamline Scheduling: The task force meeting was held Thursday, December 12th. Yeldez Amer is continuing work on beamline scheduling. A viewgraph was shown displaying a proposed format for the beamline datasheet. A choice should be made whether to report in eight- or four-hour increments. Once the decision is made, we will recommend one style to our MIS. User observed that the form requires the entry of ESAF number and asked what to do if there was more than one number. Roger answered to update schedule after the run. Bruce Glagola will need ESAF to be supplied minimally two weeks beforehand to approve experiments.

The next CAT Chat meeting will take place in building 401, room A1100 on Monday, January 6, 2003.