CAT Chat Minutes

December 2, 2002


Information and Follow-up

  • Is there a problem moving sealed sources from stored (posted controlled area for radioactive sealed sources) location to the beam line enclosure (posted controlled area for radioactive sealed sources) since general badging will not be required on the experimental hall floor after January 1, 2003?

This is not a problem; provided the CAT person completing the transfer:  1) is wearing a TLD dosimeter, 2) signed a sealed source log, documenting the transfer of the sealed source to an enclosure posted for sealed sources, 3) will be in attendance with the sealed source at all times, unless the enclosure is secured properly, 4) understands it is their responsibility when a sealed source is being used in the enclosure/lab, that all personnel in the enclosure/lab must be wearing a TLD dosimeter, and 5) practice ALARA when handling the sealed source.  If there are other questions, please contact John Vacca, pager 4-1978.

  • Concern about parking areas not getting salted until late morning. Slips and falls occurring. 

PFS Grounds was contacted by Bob Whitman and were advised that LOM parking lots would receive higher priority for salting.

  • Some beamlines require their cryo-pump serviced and ready for operation two weeks in advance of User beam.

Beamline personnel will request cryo-pump service from floor coordinators noting urgent and specified date required. Service group will make all efforts available to meet the required date.

  • During evening hours, weekends, and holidays, it has been noted that beamline trikes are missing and almost always show up parked at the entry to building 401.

Request that 401 personnel refrain from using beamline trikes.


User Operations

Operation Stats:  Glen Decker reported on week 8 with 74 hours scheduled, 73.0 delivered.  Availability is 98.56%. Mean time between faults (MTBF) was 73 hours, one fault due to RF2 HVPS trip 11/29 08:00 to 11/30/02 16:14.

On Friday morning, November 29th, mode change necessitated orbit correction so BPLDs would not trip beam. This affected Sectors 18, 19, and 22. Glenn Decker explained the reasons for necessitated orbit corrections.

It was requested that mode changes are not scheduled during periods when resident beamline personnel will not be present. It was also requested that BPMs in the affected section be checked/fixed (if needed) prior to the next run.


General Information

APS Radiation Monitoring: P. K. Job explained criteria (as follows) for Assigning Dosimetry at APS as of January 1, 2003.

CRITERIA FOR ASSIGNING DOSIMETRY AT THE APS: Individuals who meet the following criteria require a personnel dosimeter:

  • All personnel working or touring in the posted areas (controlled areas). (Controlled areas will be within the accelerator tunnel, Buildings 411, 412, 413, 420, Storage Ring Utility Corridor, and the Storage Ring Mezzanine.)
  • Personnel working with Radioactive Material Samples, Sealed Sources, X-ray Generators. 
  • Beamline Personnel who will be on the Experimental Floor for more than 4 months a year.
  • Women who have declared themselves to be pregnant and expect to work in the Experiment Hall. 

Additionally TLDs will be assigned to anyone who specifically request one for his/her own comfort.

Note: General Employee Radiation Training (GERT) is a core ESH training requirement for all employees and individuals required to perform work in the facilities where potential radiation hazards exist. This requirement stays.

Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed on the experimental hall floor or in any laboratory or machine shop. Exceptions can be arranged under special circumstances by contacting Richard Hislop, AOD, ext. 4600.