CAT Chat Minutes

January 28, 2002


User Operations

The storage ring availability for the start of the run this week is ~ 91%. The mean time between failures has been 19.5 hours. Several blocks of downtime occurred primarily due to storage ring power supplies and rf. A BPM problem caused some random beam instabilities, but it was located and corrected. Overall downtime this past week was 11.75 hours.

Machine Studies will take place on Tuesday, January 29, at 0800 hours when it will revert to top-up user operations in low emittance mode.

Glen Decker will make a short presentation next week about the overall orbit correction process.

The dates for the high current operation during studies time in both this run and in June/July will be announced by the end of the week. A Cat Net will be sent shortly.

On Sunday morning 12 ports out of 48 ports on a network switch was lost due to hardware failure. The pv gateways for sectors 5-16 were affected along with some computers in the MCR. The whole module had to be replaced later that day to fix the problem. All the IOC in the SR have redundant network connections. We are in the process of procuring hardware to make all the computers in the controls network to be fully redundant.

Due to cyber security requirements and an incorrect configuration, the backup gateway Rhea was not available. We are looking at various scenarios to address the problem of the gateway. At the current time we have in place a direct serial link between the ID control IOC and the beamline. We would like to encourage CATs to start using this as a backup scheme to control the IDs. Information about this feature is available. We have also provided as part of MSL a VME based board, which provides the CAT with most of the relevant PV. If you have questions regarding this area, please contact Mohan Ramanathan at x-3773.