CAT Chat Minutes

November 25, 2002


Information and Follow-up

There was a question about new badge procedure and whether visitors under age 18 will be allowed without film badges.

P.K. Job will give an update on new procedure and the policy for visitors under age 18.

User Operations

Operation Stats: Glenn Decker reported on week 7 with 126 hours scheduled, 123.9 delivered. Availability is 98.25%. Mean time between faults (MTBF) was 41.29. There were three faults.

The current beamline schedule was reviewed. Machine studies start at midnight on November 28th. During the week of December 8th studies period there will be some time where multi-bunch beam will be made available to users, to test effect of running many bunches. Ian McNulty will use the beam. Other users wishing to use the beam should contact Roger Klaffky (ext. 6716).

Maintenance Period: Roger discussed the December/January Maintenance Period for the experimental hall floor. Possible work on FEVs, BIVs and FOE transmitters will occur. Affected Beamlines will be notified and work conflicts will be resolved by EFOG (contact Rod Salazar).

APS Radiation Monitoring Policy: Roger explained contents of the letter to Argonne Area Office Manager from Adam Cohen dated November 19, 2002 regarding the radiation monitoring policy. (See letter at end of minutes). P.K. Job (AOD) will speak regarding Criteria for Assigning Dosimetry at the APS at the next CAT Chat meeting.

Centralized Scheduling: Roger explained the proposed format of the spreadsheet that Users are asked to complete and upload to Oracle database beginning January 2003. There was discussion about which fields of information should be included or not included. These issues require further review. It may be possible to use ESAF information in Oracle to fill out user schedules, but this requires further investigation. The requirement is to keep track in real time what is a given weeks schedule.