CAT Chat Minutes

November 11, 2002


Information and Follow-up

User reported an oxygen monitor alarmed on the 7IDA hutch this past Sunday, November 10th and ANL Fire Department responded. The alarm was triggered by a cracked nitrogen vent line. The reaction of respondents was to close nitrogen supply to the cryopump. This is a dedicated system and unless something was seriously wrong, user is concerned that too much intervention or overreaction by non-user personnel could result in unnecessary downtime

We should refine the present procedure, the control room and floor coordinator will follow the written procedure. As recommended by ES&H, Sectors 17, 22, 10, and 4 have monitors. We will look at setting up more local (oxygen) alarms as are necessary, working closely with CAT staff.

Computer Scan: Bill McDowell will check with Dennis Keane of DND-CAT regarding user computer scan on Monday, November 4th, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

  • VPN Log-in: Mark Rivers and Ken Sidorowicz will meet to resolve problems.

  • Thomas Gog explained that he can still not tell if the ventilating fan is working correctly. An alarm went off for PFS some time ago. Marvin Kirshenbaum, APS Conventional Facilities, investigated the problem and said hed take care of having it checked. Will APS could look into it or he could call an outside service to check the fan, what should he do?
  • Ventilation maintenance and inspection should be handled through APS Conventional Facilities. Richard Hislop will be notified.

Future Operating Mode Workshop: The workshop was a success with good discussions. A website will be put together to allow access to presentation materials.


User Operations

Operation Stats: Glenn Decker reported beam availability at 98.88% overall. MTBF is 47.96 hours with 679 hours scheduled and 671.4 delivered.Machine studies begin at 4:00 tonight and finish 8:00 tomorrow morning. Starting to run top-up Tuesday morning for one week until Monday, November 18th.Roger Klaffky explained two handouts representing beamline downtime from January 1999 through March 2002.Roy Emerson set up a new system to monitor beamline downtime due to APS systems.General: Roger reported that J. Murray Gibson approved spec site licenses. To obtain a license, contact Tim Mooney, ext. 5417.Security in LOMs: All agreed to keep doors unlocked during the day (6-7 a.m.) but locked after hours at night.

Handouts from November 11, 2002 CAT Chat