CAT Chat Minutes

October 21, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

When we change the lattice, we have small beamline changes. To what shall we charge the time spent in steering the beamline back into place?

Charge that time to setup.

Request by User that we report the status of task groups at future CAT Chat meetings.

We will ask any representatives present at CAT Chat to report on his/her group.

A resident beamline staff member asked if we could look into the 593 process and host assignment. User is required to be aware of the visitors whereabouts and sign a form from Office of Safeguards and Security. Many times these forms come to him as late as six months from the date of visit. What is the consequence if the form isnt signed?

Instruction from Bonnie Simmons that host must sign forms and send the original back to her in OSS, Building 302. There needs to be further follow-up with OSS to see why there can be long delays in receiving the form.

Another staff member mentioned that he is frequently asked by outside vendors to grant ANL access and afterward vendor carries on with own business in other places in ANL.

There was a suggestion that CATs refuse to see a vendor plying his goods at the CAT beamlines. It was also mentioned that to some CATs, the frequent presence of their favorite vendors is a positive thing.


User Operations

Operation Stats: Availability is 99.2%. Mean time between faults (MTBF) is 67 hours. There were four faults in the last two weeks.

TWG Meeting: Reinhard Pahl reports from the last TWG meeting that it was well attended and Users began to determine what they would like to discuss at the Future Operating Modes Workshop, planned for November 6th. The agenda is being developed. If there are items you wish to include, please contact Reinhard (ext. 0467). Roger Klaffky will present a draft agenda at the next CAT Chat meeting.

APS Management and Resident Users Meeting: Roger Klaffky reminded the group of the first scheduled meeting of the APS Management and Resident Beamline Personnel on November 8th.

Dosimetry Usage: Roger reported from the OPS Directorate meeting on Monday that there will be a reduction in dosimetry usage beginning January 1, 2003 pending approval by J. Murray Gibson. Only beamline personnel who spend substantial amounts of time on the experimental floor will be required to wear badges. Other personnel can request badges if they desire.

User Locator Cards: Weve been entering beamline information and have noticed some User Locator Card sleeves have been removed. We remind everyone that we expect cooperation in filling out these cards.

Reinhard Pahl stated he understood that filling in the cards were optional. Roger explained that there are optional fields within the card (i.e., reason for leaving) but that the cards must be filled in when an area is to be left unattended.

A User asked what should be done with cards that have been filled. Kevin Beyer answered that the floor coordinators are not collecting cards; it is for CATs own use.

Roger reminded us that weekly summaries will be done with Yeldez Amer. The target date for the first summary is November 8. Yeldez will individually discuss the summary with each CAT.

Future CAT Chat Meetings: A check was made on the two other available conference rooms for this time and date. The seating capacities are as follows: Bldg. 438 with 34 chairs, Bldg. 431 with 48 chairs, and Bldg. 432 with 21 chairs. There was no desire to move to one of the larger capacity conference rooms before Monday, January 6th, when CAT Chat meetings will be held in building 401 conference room A1l00 permanently.