CAT Chat Minutes

September 30, 2002


User Operations

Operations Stats: Glen Decker announced that on Wednesday , October 9th at approximately 8 a.m. the machine will be turned over to users. Glenn reported the following for Run 2002-3 Machine Studies Objectives / Constraints
October 3 - December 20, 2002

Studies period 02-3-10800 October 3 to 0800 October 9

Machine Startup
Precondition: 1 nC / shot to BTS dumpPrepare for high emittance singlets 12-hour fill-on-fill operation
- Complete all required ACIS and MPS system validations
- Standardize to 7 nm lattice, including distorted sectors 18,19,20
- Establish stored beam, injection
- Recommission bpm system, including timing scans
- Restore orbit (generation of new SR ubopfile)
- Perform scrapedowns to support BPM offset adjustment
- Reestablish sector 35 optical diagnostics performance

Establish injection into 2.5 nm lattice (nux36nuy19) in preparation for week 2Machine initiatives this run (will require several studies periods):
- Implement routine > 20 Hz datapool IOC orbit correction
- IDXBPM Feedforward on TBD ID beamlines
- Implement lower emittance lattice as standard config.
- Define multibunch (> 100) operating mode to support April 03 SOM
- Cogging --> 24 uniform singlets vs. 22+1 fill pattern
- Verify stable 110 mA singlets mode for Feb. 02 SOM
- Implement lower emittance booster / BTS configuration
- Complete routine lattice correction software
- Investigate interleaved LEUTL / Top-up operation
- Complete CPU AC correction commissioning
- many others

Ongoing activities:
- Operator training and qualification
- Machine maintenance, repair, upgrades as needed

Floor Coordinator Moves: Kevin Beyer announced the following floor coordinator relocations: 431 Amy Myers; 431Z Bill Wesolowski, Rod Salazar, Kevin Beyer; 432 Lisa Gades, Jeff Ullian; 433 Cindy Chaffee, Ray Monroe; 434 Wendy VanWingeren, Patti Neitzke; 435 Troy Lutes; 436 Nena Velamparampil; 438 Dean Wyncott.  These moves are effective Wednesday, October 9, 2002.


General Information

Family Day: Only few individuals neared the off-limits areas but when reminded of the area status, did move along.  APS Webpage: Susan Strasser reports the new APS homepage will be display Tuesday, October 1st. Susan and the web task force tried to make APS information more easily accessed. There will be additional work done on links and pages in order to provide continuity of content design. If you have comments and/or suggestions, e-mail either Susan (, or Jonathan Lang ( ANL-126 Shipping Order: Bruce Glagola reminded the group that the electronic form of ANL-126 (PARIS system) must be used. Heidi Homerding is currently checking names of individuals with signature authority to be certain they have PARIS loaded on their computers. Heidi will use the computer support Help Desk when she submits this list to software installers.