CAT Chat Minutes

September 23, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

There was a suggestion that APS have a specifically designated person that could be sent around to the CATs to assist with and record shipping paperwork.

It was agreed that it would cut down on the confusion about required procedures.


User Operations

Operation Stats: The new schedule begins in October. On October 9th we will turn beam over to users.

Glenn Decker reported on his new webpage, Beamline Steering Displays. He presented viewgraphs from last Thursdays TWG meeting and explained the various calculations displayed. Glenn will try to keep the source codes and references up to date. The beamline webpage can be found at url:

Water Leaks: Bill Wesolowski reported leaks occurred in the low-pressure hot water pipes above Sectors 1-3 when cold water was introduced into the system. We will open valve to Sector 31 today; Sectors up to 35 will be filled with water next. Soon we will see if any of the new gaskets are leaking.


General Information

Roger Klaffky announced the final planning meeting for Family Day is scheduled for this week. For Family Day, Sector 22 ratchet door will be open to allow viewing into the ring. Sector 22 BM-A hutch will also be open for viewing of the securing hutch process.

John Quintana raised a safety concern about children activating a pneumatic hutch door and getting caught in the door. It was recommended that all doors be closed with No Access tags and tape placed across doors. It is possible to disable doors by removing air pressure from the door closing mechanism.

Contact Building Manager, Bob Whitman, for no access signs or barrier tape. All parents are strongly encouraged to chaperone their children especially during the APS self-guided tours.


Other Issues

User Proposal Review Panel meetings will take place on November 8, 2002 followed by Beamline Allocation Committee meeting on November 15. These meetings are required for the January 2003 operations.

The Special Operating Modes/Machine Capabilities Workshop (E1100/E1200) will be held early in November. TWG Co-Chair Reinhard Pahl and Roger will meet to decide the agenda.

Enhancements to ESH Program: Bruce Stockmeier announced that we are presently looking at giving CATS more direct involvement. If you have comments or suggestions call him at ext. 9394.

Edmund Chang reported on ISM issues:

1) In order to comply with DOE requests, we must show how much lead and leaded component material is machined. A log sheet with entries that track amount of lead and leaded components machined will be available in the Machine Shop.

2) Facility inspections will be conducted beginning with 431-Z and continue around the ring at the rate of one building per day.

3) There is a Small Quantity Exception shipping training this Friday.