CAT Chat Minutes

September 9, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

There was a question regarding heavy traffic through parking lot 431 answered after consultation with ANL Fire Department and the Lab Traffic Committee.

User was not satisfied with the answer to traffic control in building 431 area, stating that there is substantial traffic between the ANL Guest House and sectors south of 431.

User questioned why testing is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Prefer testing to take place during the week.

Switchgear maintenance should be done on Saturday in concert with other scheduled maintenance. We will discuss this with Glenn Kailus of PFS.



Operations Stats: Final user run for FY2002 has been completed and preliminary numbers indicate that the run surpassed all records set in previous runs. 1950 hours were scheduled with over 1900 hours available. Availability is at 97.4% MTBF new run record is 42.3 hours. [Information derived from the APS User News-at-a-Glance, Issue 16.]

Roger Klaffky projected a viewgraph of email from Bill Wesolowski, subject e-power switch testing involving testing of e-power transfer switch, transfer to emergency power, and finally transfer back to standard power.

We are currently performing gasket inspections. Bill read from his notes on the inspection work timetable:

Tuesday: Replace isolation valves between column 109-110, and column 122-123. Replace gaskets between column 152-156, and column 132-138. Col. 110 is near 15-ID-D. Col 123 is near 20-IDB and fairly open. Other work from sector 31 thru sector 35.

Wednesday and Thursday: Replace isolation valves between column 98-99, column 147-147, column 159-160. Replace gaskets between column 152-156, and column 132-138. Col 99 is near 11-ID- Col 147 is in non beamline area. Col 159 is at the end of 32-I over gas bottle area.

Thursday and Friday: Begin replacing gaskets between column 156 and 169. Work from sector 31 thru sector 35.

Next weeks schedule is predicated on the results of this week and will be forthcoming.

Bruce Glagola will represent APS at the new ANL Bio Safety Committee. Dave Haugen will chair the lab-wide committee.

APS Family Day will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2002. All aged children, with parental oversight, will be able to tour the APS. A schedule of activities will be announced this week. Lunch will be provided with 401 Grill to be available for individual special orders.

Susan Strasser introduced the new member of the User Administration and Support staff, Jane Andrew. Jane will beproducing the APS User News-at-a-Glance informational web-posting.