CAT Chat Minutes

August 26, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

User asked if the Computer Support Task Force personnel were present as he had a question about the TWG email recently sent out not reaching everyone working in the CATS. CAT groups not just CAT Directors should be on the e-mail list. One problem, User felt, was that the e-mail list was outdated. Another problem which may have caused the low response numbers was that the questionnaire used many acronyms not easily understood by some of the population (FTE, for example).

To solve these issues, future questionnaires will spell out words instead of relying on abbreviations. The current e-mail address list should be reviewed for accuracy.

Since CAT Chat meeting of last week, water system work contractors plan to begin in the upcoming shutdown next week.

Bill Wesolowski requested that they begin work in areas with no beamlines. Bill will work with them to set up a schedule.

User asked how many tricycles are allowed.

We will look into this and report at CAT Chat meeting.

With regard to building 431 parking lot, there is increased traffic cutting through the parking lot because of the utility plant expansion. Can changes be made to disallow some of the volume?

Richard Hislop has met with ANL Fire Department and Lab Traffic Committee. They did not consider this a serious issue since most of the traffic going south of 431 would not be flowing past 431 parking lot because it is a less direct route.


User Operations

Operations Stats: Delivered beam 1723.26 hours. The scheduled time is at 97.63% with downtime during period of 41.75 hours. MTBF is 46.57 hours.

There were three occurrences: #68 on 8/21/02 due to unknown beam motion; #69 on 8/21-22/2002 due to water trip; and #70 8/22-25/2002 S23vpioc lost communication. As a corrective measure, Gene Swetin will use infrared image to check for flaws three times year.

Louis Emery presented information on a new lattice that will reduce the storage ring emittance [see the ATTACHMENT at end of minutes].

After Louis presentation, User asked whether the vertical emittance could be further reduced. Answered that this can easily be done with the present lattice (it would shorten lifetime however). Users have pushed for lower horizontal emittance.

Steve Davey asked if one could do anything with modeling the effect of closing gaps on the emittance. Louis indicated that this could be done fairly easily.

The User Accounts Specialist, Heidi Homerding, was introduced to meeting attendees. Heidi also handles the proprietary user information/charges.

PS2 Task Force last week. Inspection of a PS1 blade for manufacturing defects will be carried out by Dave Ryding and Patrick den Hartog. The same manufacturing techniques were used for both the PS2 and PS1 blades.

Flawed 6ID PS1 blade is still being tested (hardness, etc.).

Tony Rauchas explained the 2BM event, an incident that took place over a month ago. Because of lack of procedures and documentation, we have had an internal group working on an action plan to prevent future occurrences. Until we implement internal procedures, we will stop work on all shutter work except with the knowledge and concurrence of Roger Klaffky and Tony Rauchas. In this way, both Roger and Tony will be fully aware and involved in the review process of all work. This decision will be written up and sent out on CAT-NET.

An electrical outage is scheduled for September 14th. Bill Wesolowski will schedule approximately 15 seconds to be spent at each sector and will notify CATs in advance.

Roger Klaffky reported that Joanne Day announced APS would host a Family Day on September 28 th. This will provide an opportunity for family members to take part in an open house complete with buffet. The ALD office will coordinate this event with details forthcoming.

A one-day Special Operating Mode/ Machine Capabilities Workshop will be held in October or November. A firm date will be chosen and meeting location confirmed shortly.

The IG office asks us to have real-time accounting of beamline usage. We will form a task force group that will investigate how to record beamline usage (web-based schedule to be updated by CATs, for example) and the best way to display activities taking place on each line in addition to what is being presently posted (ESAF). Additionally, as in the case of automatic operation, we must show whether there is an experiment being run remotely along with name of contact. Susan Strasser is working on website development at present.