CAT Chat Minutes

August 12, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

With regard to the Raccoon Incident (where a raccoon shorted out an13.2 KeV ANL feeder causing the APS a 12 hr outage), are we taking any precautionary measures to prevent wildlife from entering?

Yes, Plant Facilities has been requested to electrify the fence surrounding the feeder.


User Operations

Operations/Overall Stats: We are currently on Run 2-02 with 97.7% scheduled time. MTBF is 50.33 hours.

There are two minor downtimes this week. One beam dump was caused by a storage ring isolation valve closure, probably caused by a faulty vacuum controller signal. The other dump occurred when there was a 2 msec orbit oscillation, which tripped the bplds (beam position limit detectors). This motion was at the betatron frequency and took place during top-off injection.

Bruce Stockmeier would like to remind people to respond to the offer for Floor Coordinators to perform hoist inspections. Monthly inspections start in September but he requests feedback by Friday, August 16th. Please read the email sent by Amanda Erickson regarding the How To in

order to subscribe for services.

The next phase of the 6ID PS2 task force schedule is to determine if the 100-micron wide cracks can be seen with a boroscope. If so, it may be possible to inspect PS2 blades without removing them from their housings. Mohan Ramanathan will generate closure histories so the PS2 blades most likely to be affected by thermal/mechanical cycling can be identified. Mohan has indicated that it would take a lot of additional work to also specify the thermal loads for each cycle [i.e., gap and beam current]. The spare blade will be installed in a spare shutter tank and swapped out with the tank presently in 2ID. The used blade will then be removed and inspected.

Neville Smith and Keith Hodgson have drafted the General User Access Policies for review in order to arrive at a common light source policy for all four facilities. J. Murray Gibson and APS staff is presently reviewing these drafts.

Not included in the previous minutes was a question about the thermal loads that the canted undulator PS2 shutters would be able to handle if they are used as spares on the existing undulator lines. Calculations are underway to determine the limiting currents for canted undulator shutter spares used in PS2.

Thomas Gog would like to ask a question of Glenn Decker regarding the front end BPM page that he has put on the web. Thomas would like to have distances of each BPM to source indicated on the page. Roger thought that these were indicated on the page. Glenn is presently on vacation, but he will be at the next CAT Chat.

During the week of September 23rd an ISM audit will take place at APS. Each Division will produce six work projects, and provide work planning and safety procedures. Two of each six projects will be selected for auditing. More details will follow as soon as we know which projects will be audited.

A question was asked on how plans for a centralized II program are proceeding. A meeting of all light source user administrators on centralized systems will probably take place later in August. The URL for the IG Report on the APS and ALS has been distributed to all CAT directors. This information can be found at:

Dave Gore asked a question about EPICS CA repeater. John Noonan put him in touch with Ned Arnold to address this problem.

Operations Directorate Meeting: Roger Klaffky reports from the meeting that auditors will meet with managers, supervisors, and workers when they audit ISM at the APS. Raymond L. Orbach, Director of the Department of Energy Office of Science, met briefly with Users from Atlas, IPNS. Among other questions he asked, one was about centralized scheduling.